Once Again MEN are the ENEMY!!

commentary by Monomakh…………..

The MSM just can’t give the story a rest and each new day there is some other male of fame being accused of sexual harassment now. In short, the ongoing attack on males is endless and the MSM is using all of this to drive home the message that males are BAD. Ah yes….we are all sexual perverts and sexual harassers. Bad and vile creatures who should have been killed at birth, no doubt. And the way the MSM portrays it ALL males are BAD!!

Well folks that just ain’t so!! Surprise!!! In fact, MOST MEN TO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL harassment. And MOST men do not commit rape!! In fact, MOST men respect women and the last thing they want to do is to offend them. But, you’d never know it from the way the MSM is portraying it all now.

This all got into the limelight when women began making accusations against Hollywood Produce Harvey Weinstein. Sadly, SOME people have a tendency to generalize and that is what some have now done as they work overtime to paint all men as bad, evil, sexually driven, degenerates even though it’s NOT so. It’s been well know for decades that some of the people out in Hollywood are dirty pervs and in order to get them to make you famous you have to screw them. That’s no secret! And the same goes for politics. If you want to “be somebody” then you have to give sex to the powers that be otherwise you stay a nobody. SICK game but that’s the reality behind the pervs that entertain and rule over us!

I have the feeling that the MSM coverage of the sexual harassment is morphing into yet another attack on all males and on everything male. Once again I see the “all males must be feminized” routine starting to be played. The message is that anything having to do with MASCULINITY is bad and males should be like little boys (not men) and must be made to be feminine and ashamed of their own sexuality and masculinity. In short, all MEN should perpetually dwell in SHAME even though they haven’t done anything to deserve that shame. Of course, that’s the goal of the lesbian feminists who have blamed men for anything and everything.

SOME men sexually harass women. SOME men rape women. SOME men are pervs. But I can say the same about SOME WOMEN too! The keyword is SOME not all. It’s important we remember that and it’s also HIGHLY important that men who do these things are NOT MASCULINE at all because they are PERVERTS! Masculine men do not harass others either sexually or in any other way because they RESPECT other people. Masculine men are Continue reading


Leftists Just Can’t Stand Manliness

commentary by Monomakh ——-

One thing the Leftists really hate is a male who acts like a Man. They always have hated a male who is comfortable with his masculinity and one reason is because the Leftists know that such males are what stands between them and their diabolical agenda for global Communism.

manhood5Many Americans have lived a life of being grossly misinformed and the sad thing is that these misinformed Americans have never taken the time or made the effort to educate themselves about Communism and the Communist plan for global domination. These American’s have mistakenly thought that the plan was and still is to take over America via military conquest but that has never been the Communist agenda. In fact, the Communist agenda has always been to take down America economically and degrade our nation on a societal level. Specifically, the plan has always been the destruction of the American male.

Why America? Why the American male? America has been and continues to be the only thing that stands in the way of the global Communists and their dreams of world conquest. This is one reason America has always been identified as the enemy of Communism and Leftism. Advocates of Communism know well that unless America is brought to its knees their ideology can never take ahold on a worldwide scale. They have also known that the biggest driving force behind America has always been the American male no matter what his SKIN COLOR! They have known that in order to take America down they must first engineer the demise of the American male. This is one reason they hate President Donald Trump. He’s trying to restore America and he’s also trying to restore the American male…red, yellow, black, white, and all inbetween. The global Leftists thought they were close to achieving their goal under the Obama “metrosexual” administration but with the election of Trump as POTUS they realized they were NOT as close to their goal as they thought. Thus, all of the whining, bitching, crying, and vindictiveness to bring Trump down.

The BIGGEST avenue for promoting the Leftist agenda has been America’s education system. Any good Leftist knows that if you can get a hold of the young you can indoctrinate them into the Leftist ideology. And they’ve done just that on the elementary level of education all the way up through college education! For decades now our schools and universities have been literally overflowing with Leftist advocates who have indoctrinated our youth into such ideology while trashing traditional American values and morals at every opportunity. The result has been that we have generation now that believes the Leftist agenda is the way to go as they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that if Leftism ruled America then everything would be fair, just, and fantastic. They were NOT taught the reality of Leftism as we see today playing out in places like Venezuela and as we’ve seen in the past with regimes such as the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. Our youth have been painted a FALSE PICTURE of the “glories” of Leftism and they have NOT been taught the HORRORS of Leftist regimes. Continue reading

The Masculine Mystique: Comparing Trump and JFK


It’s no secret that the decline of the American MALE is a sure sign of the decline of American society in general and cause for alarm. We can clearly see this when we compare Trump to JFK in terms of masculinity and time frame. America is degenerating on every level and we’d better do something to stop it or our society is going to come to a crashing end, literally!


There is a great article on this very subject appearing in the National Review written by Steven Watts (see link below). It’s time the American male do something about HIMSELF! Get the hell our of mommy and daddy’s basement (u r 30 something now moron!), get a job, get married, be a MAN instead of a lifelong BOY, and for God’s sake please put on some pants!!

Read the excellent article by Steven Watts at:




commentary by Monomakh —

The mistaken belief that male and female brains are the same is a nice Utopian idea but the scientific facts and findings DO NOT support the notion. In fact, there have been numerous scientific studies done that prove how the prenatal testosterone affects the developing male brain in the womb. A recent study published their results in the scientific journal “Nature” and that study found testosterone in the womb alters the “programming” of neural stem cells responsible for growth of the brain and gender differences.

Gender feminists allege that a child is born as a “blank slat” at birth and that it’s perceptions are formed by society and parents as the child grows up. In psychology this is known as the “Blank Slate Theory” or “Tabula Rasa” developed by John Locke a philosopher who postulate that the human brain is empty at birth. It can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Supporters of this theory typically use results of a 2015 study which claimed that it is impossible to tell males and females apart in terms of the brain. However, when this study was reanalyzed they discovered male and female brains COULD be identified with a 77% accuracy rate in terms of differences! In yet another study last years researchers used a large sample population along with higher neuro-imaging and participants were able to identify the sex of the brain with 93% accuracy.

Other studies have repeatedly shown that there are differences between males and females in a wide range of cognitive domains including mental rotation, verbal fluency, etc.

Many advocates of transgender rights ignore these studies and claim there is no difference between males and females in terms of the brain but that claim has repeatedly NOT been supported by numerous scientific studies that has shown beyond doubt that differences do exist. No matter how much one wishes to believe there are no differences and that one is born with the mind being a “blank slate” the science does not support the notion and, in fact, proves that just the opposite is true.

In relation to this issue I wish to also address the issue of youth undergoing transgender therapy. How young are we talking here? Does anyone know? I asked this because a few days ago someone told me that children as young as 5 can undergo transgender therapy if the parents are agreeable. If this is so then I must ask the question….Does a 5 year old have the mental capacity to make the decision to alter their gender? Does a 10 year old? Does a 14 year old? I’m sorry but children DO NOT have the same mental capacity and ability to understand as adults! And what happens when that 5 year old enters their teens and resents being altered? What then? Whose fault is it?

Supporters of this like to say that we are each “assigned” a gender when we are born by a doctor upon delivery but it doesn’t mean that’s what we are. Say what? I’m pretty sure if you are born with a penis you are born a male and if with a vagina then a female! This hearkens back to the idea that some people of one sex are born in the wrong sex body. Frankly, I’m not so sure about that.

I can certainly see why some people on this planet view the West including America as nations of “infidels” because in their minds we are opening and proudly fighting against the natural. Somehow in our own minds we think it is all ok but is it? Really? One thing I know is that every time humans try to defy nature no matter how long it takes NATURE typically comes out as the WINNER and humans as the LOSERS. I have a strong suspicion that this will also be the case here.

If a young person is a young adult and have the ability to make an informed decision to change their gender then go for it. But children, especially small children, I think is just plain wrong. Changing one’s gender is not something to be taken lightly and it must be taken seriously. It must be an informed adult decision in my opinion.

Of course I know some of you out there are thinking I just don’t understand the surrounding issues over all this such as bullying. Yes, bullying can be a very cruel thing for youths and children and I have no doubt about that. However, when I went to school our parents solution to a bully was to teach us to KICK HIS ASS! And that is exactly what many of us did and guess what? The bully wasn’t so big and bad after that! Maybe we need to go back to that because bullies seem not to have any respect for rules and laws but only respect it when someone stands up to them and kicks their ass!! Then MOST bullies leave you alone.

We live in a lost society in America and I have no doubt that someday, somehow we are all going to pay the price in some very big ways. On a society level we have made some very poor choices. Life is about choices and with those choices come consequences good or bad. Contrary to what we might think we ALWAYS pay the consequences sooner or later.

There are some things that must be adult choices and decisions.  Some things that most children do not have the mental capacity to decide.  We should look closely at this difference in adult/child capacity and perhaps make other choices.



Is America a Fascist State?

by Viktor Sukov

A lot of hype and misinformation surrounded the past presidential election not to mention a good dose of “fake news.” All of this “fake news” is really nothing new as it used to be called “Propaganda.” Now that Donald Trump has been elected POTUS many Americans are trying to sort through the propaganda in an effort to find truth and one of the things some people are trying to figure out is if America is now a fascist state.

america-first1Fascism is a broad term and many people don’t even know what it means. So what is “fascism”? When we think of fascism we typically think of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis which was one sort of fascism but the fascism exposed by Italian dictator Mussolini was another sort of fascism and the fascism exposed by Spain’s dictator Francisco Franco was yet another sort of fascism. Here are some core tenets of fascism but keep in mind that not all fascists or fascist regimes embrace all of these tenets.

Nationalism is s big thing when it comes to fascism and what we are seeing now in America is the rise of “populism” which can be taken as a form of nationalism but this is only one tenet of fascism and it does not mean America is now a fascist state. Further, simply taking pride in one’s own country and/or ethnicity or culture can also be considered a form of nationalism but that doesn’t mean you are a fascist. Totalitarianism (dictatorship) is another tenet and fascists regimes who embrace this tenet most often have dictators such as German, Italy, Spain, and Argentina’s Juan Peron during WW2. The US does not have such a dictatorship. Our Constitution is still in tact even though it’s been badly battered for the past 8 years under the Communist Barack Obama (and yes I consider Obama to have been a Communist). Our democratic institutions remain in tact as well and the powers of the presidency remain limited so America does not have a totalitarian regime.

Anti-democratic ideology and a one party system are two more tenets of fascism that fascists may or may not embrace. Like I said, our democratic institutions remain in tact and America doesn’t have a one party system so, again, America has not embraced these two tenets of fascism. Another tenet of fascism is what is known as a “personality cult.” That is, the nation rallies around some prominent public figure usually the leader. Germany rallied around Hitler. Italy rallied around Mussolini. Spain around Franco and Argentina around Peron. Hitler ha a personality cult going on as did the others but to a lesser extend I think. In America it is rather difficult to rally around some public figure including the president. Yes, Trump supporters tend to rally around him and likely see him as a “savior” of our nation and that would be a sort of “personality cult” but many Americans do not feel this way about him. However, he does have a bit of a personality cult going on but nowhere near that seen with Hitler, Franco, or the others during WW2. Continue reading

Will Men Be Men Again in the Trump Reich?

commentary by Monomakh:

Rurik4Over the past 8 years America had a leader who was weak for the most part. He preferred to ride a bike wearing a helmet (wimpy things) while the Russian president (Putin) preferred to hunt game shirtless and engage in martial arts (manly things). That left many Americans wanting a MANLY leader instead of a Metrosexual leader, frankly, myself included.

Well thank GOD (yes I said the G-word!!) those 8 years are over and Obamy is long gone! Fact is during the last election many Americans were hungry for a strong leader, for one who would be a FIGHTER instead of a wimp, for one who would STAND UP for what he believes in instead of cowering down. This desire resulted in the election of Donald Trump to the WH and it is because he didn’t act like the typical weak-willed wimp politician we see way too often in Washington! What Americans wanted was a MASCULINE MAN and not another wimp!

Trump, unlike Obama, seems willing to engage in battle and to stand up for what he believes in. But more than that Trump seems to be a man of PRIDE. Pride in his MANHOOD which is something that has been grossly lacking in America for a long time now. So the question is will Trump INSPIRE other males to be MEN AGAIN?

American males have basically been psychologically de-balled! The “War on Manhood” has been waged against males by the Leftist Marxist in this nation for far too long! It’s all been part of the Communist Plan to weaken our nation and destroy American society. The Leftists have long known that in order to accomplish the wholesale destruction of the USA they had to de-ball the American male and they started by de-balling male children in our schools just as any good Marxist would (they always go after the youth first).


The result of this WAR ON MANHOOD has been the destruction of MALE initiative and self-esteem.  Today the American male is far to concerned with going to the spa or playing video games in his parent’s basement than he is with getting off his ass and being a man and working!  In fact, many males today are still living with mommy and daddy pretending as if they are only 15 years old even though they are over 30!!  They THINK they are men but they are NOT.  They are physically men but mentally they are STUCK at around 15 years old!  They are casualties of the War on Manhood and most don’t even know it. Continue reading

America FIRST!!

commentary by Viktor Sukov —

trump_3President-elect Donald Trump has launched his “Thank You Tour” with the intention of thanking his supporters across America which is a first in case you didn’t know it. It’s nice to see someone with gratitude and hopefully by his example all of us can learn to be grateful in a society that is far too often not grateful for anything. As he launched his tour he let it be known that he intends to nominate retired US Marine Corp General James Mattis, aka “Mad Dog,” as his Defense Secretary which hopefully well bring the US military our of its PC nightmare and we’ll once again have real soldiers again and real military leadership. Mattis is a man with a set between his legs and is just what America needs to drive home to our enemies that the USA isn’t going to take anymore of their bullshit!

On his tour President-elect Trump also outlined his “America First” policy which is something this nation has been in need of for a long, long time now. Speaking in Cincinnati, Ohio said, “NOW is the time to embrace the one thing that truly unites us….AMERICA!” He went on to say, “There is NO global anthem! There is no global flag, no global currency, no global citizenship. We will be united as AMERICANS.” Speaking further Trump said that attempts to “separate us by race, by age, by income, by place of birth, and by geography” are O-V-E-R! Additionally, he added, “We hear a lot of talk about how we are becoming a globalized world, but the relationships that people value in this country are LOCAL.”

“We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the AMERICAN flag! From now on its going to be AMERICA FIRST,” Trump told the gathered crowd adding that never again will any other interest come before our national interest. “…when America is UNITED nothing is beyond our reach. We are going to have a country that is so great, in so many different ways….we WILL compete in the world….in a world that is a two-way road, not the one-way around! The advantages will come back to our country as they haven’t for many years,” Trump went on to say. “We’re going to put OURSELVES FIRST! We seek peace and harmony with the nations of the world BUT that means recognizing the right of every country, INCLUDING OUR OWN, to look after its citizens. We’ve put other countries first and we’ve had people running our country that truly did not know what the HELL they were doing!” Trumps statements were interrupted numerous times by applause and cheers.

In terms of the American worker Trump said his administration is going to protect the American worker that past administrations have forgotten and they’ve forgotten that it was the American worker who truly built this country. He promised his administration WILL NOT FORGET! He pointed out that one of the major reasons America is so divided today is due to our government’s failure to protect the American worker and their families. “We are not unified,” Trump said, “but WE WILL BE!”

Referring to Washington politicians (namely that WORTHLESS body we call Congress) Trump told the crowd “Washington politicians have spent to long appealing to particular interests, they’ve forgotten how to appeal to the NATIONAL INTERESTS! Our goal is to strengthen the bonds of trust between our citizens, to restore the sense of membership in our shared NATIONAL COMMUNITY.” Continue reading