NYPD Threatens Hispanic Boy with Violence!

The NYPD apparently have a policy known as “Stop and Frisk.” What they do is stop and frisk people who look “suspicious.” At the link below is an audio recording of the NYPD using this policy on a 16 year old Hispanic youth from Harlem. In it NYPD officers are heard calling the youth a “Fucking Mutt” and threatening him with repeated violence. Obviously there is extreme racism and a very violent attitude of hate among the NYPD for Hispanics and Blacks who look “suspicious.”

The 16 year old youth who was stopped by the NYPD is named Alvin. He can be heard asking officers why he is being stopped and detained. The officers never give him a legitimate answer but instead tell him because he is a “fucking mutt.” They then go on to threaten to break his “fucking arm” and punch him in the face! They then threaten to arrest Alvin for something….anything. If this is not threatening and intimidating (which is a crime) then what the hell is it? If this isn’t prejudice and racial profiling then what is it? Clearly the NYPD has a race and prejudice problem!

According to records last year about 700,000 people were stopped by the NYPD and of those 87% were black or hispanic. Former NYPD officers say that the NYPD “promotes” unnecessary stop and frisks on a “routine basis” just like the NAZI SS GESTAPO! By doing so they completely ignore the Constitution and civil rights of the person being stopped and violate their right to be free from unreasonable search.

The NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg can spin it any way the want but the TRUTH is that the NYPD has a PROBLEM. Clearly they engage in racial profiling! Clearly they have a bitter hatred and prejudice against blacks and hispanics who, I assume, they believe are all criminals no matter what. Sorry NYPD and Bloomy but your Stop and Frisk policy throws blacks and hispanics into a second class category of citizen! It is based on SKIN COLOR! Apparently the NYPD believes anyone with other than white skin is a “suspicious person.” Whites are rarely stopped and frisked under this policy even though whites compose the MAJORITY of drug users and dealers nationwide.

What this indicates is that there is a new era in America of racial hate, prejudice, and discrimination and it is targeted at hispanics and blacks. But this is to be expected. In hard economic times people look to blame other for their plight and in this country there is a growing divide between the “haves” and the “have nots.” The economic disparity in this country is now extreme and getting more extreme. For the NYPD to tell this 16 year old boy that he’s a “fucking mutt” and then threaten him with violence and arrest is clearly a CRIMINAL violation of every civil right he has. The NYPD officers involved need not only to be fired but PROSECUTED AS CRIMINALS! And the boy in this case needs to get a lawyer and SUE THE HELL OUT OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK! This is the only way these THUGS WITH BADGES AND GUNS are going to get the point. Doing nothing only empowers them. The reason the Nazi Gestapo became so powerful is that no one did anything about them. People didn’t challenge them. The same with our police. They will continue along the tracks of the SS if we do not hold them to be accountable. They cannot be going around calling people “fucking mutt(s)” and threatening people of ANY COLOR with violence, harm, or arrest. We have RIGHT in this nation and we MUST exercise those rights!


Violent Riots in Spain Last Week

Commentary by BOLIVAR ROJAS:

There were some violent and bloody riots in Spain last week as the Spanish people rebelled against their sitting government who is demanding massive austerity from them due to huge government debt.  The police response to the riots were ruthless and animalistic!  Please read the article at the link below and watch the video of the riots.

The police response was unnecessary as demonstrations were peaceful until the police showed up on the scene and began beating everyone in sight.  The Spanish people are angry and their anger is justified!  The global bankers have sunk Spain into debt that can never be repaid and the government wants the common people to pay the price.  Fact is these international global bankers should be in JAIL!  They are criminals!  Further, I call for the ABSOLUTE OVERTHROW OF THE SPANISH ROYAL GOVERNMENT!  Throw that bastard King out of his palace!  Can that idiot of a Prime Minister!  Empty the houses of parliament!  What Spain needs and MUST have is a PEOPLE’S GOVERNMENT!!  One that will tell the global bankers to F–K OFF!   The Spanish people SHOULD NOT have to suffer for government waste and banker corruption!

Throw the bums in government out!  They’ve betrayed the people!  It’s time for Spain to have a TRUE PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION!



Video and story at: 



Mex Navy Kills Zeta Leader “El Lazca”!

Zeta Drug Cartel Leader Killed!!

The Mexican Navy is reporting that they believe they killed “El Lazca” whose real name is Heriberto Lazcano.  Lazcano is the leader of the notorious Zeta drug cartel in Mexico.  The Mexican Navy said in a statement that they have killed Lacano in a battle between Mexican Marines and two armed men one of whom they believe to have been El Lazca.  The Navy said they will be conducting an investigation using forensic tests to identify the two men positively.

The Zetas are one of Mexico’s most ruthless drug cartels and largest gangs.  They have been accused of beheadings and kidnappings and of conducting some of the most astounding jail breaks.  The Zetas are composed of mainly former Mexican military men and some allege within its ranks are also some currently serving soldiers.


America Needs to Take Responsibility for its part in the Drug Problem!

Commentary by Bolivar Rojas—

During the presidency of US president Ronald Reagan there was an operation that came to be known as the Iran-Contra Affair (Caso Iran-Contras).  One of the primary figures in that operation was US Army Lt. Colonel Oliver North who oversaw the operation.  The operation also came to be known as “Irangate.”  The operation came to public light in November of 1986 as the public discovered that under Reagan high ranking US officials were secretly fascilitating the sale of arms to radical Iran.  The operation also involved US funding of the Contras in Nicaragua.  The goal of the plan was to get the US hostages released at the time.  North, who was on the National Security Council at that time, modified the plan in late 1985 so that some of the money from weapon sales to Iran would go to the Contra anti-Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

During investigations into this operation by the US Congress it was discovered, via North’s testimony, that the CIA was running drugs into the US as part of this operation from Nicaragua.  The Kerry Committee report headed by US Senator John Kerry was released in April of 1989 and it concluded that members of the US State Department had provided “support for the Contras” and that these US officials were “involved in drug trafficking.”  In 1996 the San Jose Mercury News published several articles by Gary Webb who was investigating Nicaraguans linked to the CIA backed Contras who had smuggled cocaine into the US for sale.  This cocaine was distributed as crack cocaine in LA and profits from sales were funneled to the Contras.  Webb alleged that the CIA was aware of this drug trafficking operation and that large shipments of drugs into the US from the Contras was known by the CIA.  Webb heavily alleged taht the CIA was involved in this drug trafficking and his assertions were attacked by mainstream media.  Webb published a book and “mysteriously” in December of 2004 he committed “suicide.” Continue reading