SHOCK!! Over half Americans Believe System is RIGGED….and it is!

A new poll suggests that 51% of those participating believe that the American presidential primary system is rigged. This is apparently a shock to the Fascist Corporatist who live somewhere out there is LALA land but is not to the average American living down on Main Street.  Of course the system is rigged!  We like to THINK we live in a democracy but in fact we don’t.  What we actually live in is a TWO party system in which the party bigwigs control anything and everything during elections and thereafter.  My question has always been “why only two parties?”.  Answer…because the system IS rigged and is nothing short of a JOKE!  The fact that Clinton and Trump are now obviously the nominees proves it’s a JOKE!  America can’t do any better that these two CLOWNS?  WTF?

Trump is a loud mouthed bigot bent on dividing the people of this nation like never before.  And Clinton?  Well I see her little Benghazi Affair that got a sitting US Ambassador (Chris Stevens) killed during her tenure as Sec of State has now all been nicely swept under that stinky old carpet AND her little problem with putting TOP SECRET info in her emails while Sec of State is in process of being nicely swept under that same old stinky carpet.  BTW as a US Senator from New York what did she do?  What did she do as First Lady?  Apparently NOTHING yet she’s being hailed as some sort of great stateswoman and Caesar.  WTF?

Trump is a divider and that fact alone speaks volumes to the fact that he’s NOT a leader because a true leader unites their people.  Put in the Oval Office and we’ll see discrimination, racism, and sexism resurrect their ugly heads on a scale never before imagined.  Frankly, I think this man hates everyone including himself!  All I’ve heard from him is his continued rhetoric about building a wall between Mexico and the US.  Seriously?  As in a Berlin Wall 2?  Walls are not only meant to keep people out but they are also intended to keep people in.  Hey Donald when you build that wall can you also put up armed guard towers spaced about 10 feet apart all along our border from Mexico to Canada to the Atlantic to the Pacific?  I mean if we are going for the American prison routine just do it up real good!

Trump actually thinks he’s going to force Mexico to pay for the wall which is comical at best.  Mexican officials have already said they aren’t paying for it and have told Trump to go to hell (to put it mildly).  If Trump thinks he can just cut off foreign aid to Mexico if they don’t pay for the wall he’s made an IDIOTIC foreign policy choice.  Mexico will just buddy up to Russia and China and become a satellite state of one or both.  Great move!  NOT!  This man doesn’t understand foreign policy at all.  What he’s done is appeal to people s anger, hate, and prejudice which is actually highly dangerous and idiotic.  He’s not a uniter; he’s a divider.  Do you really think this Sodom and Gomorrah nation needs anymore division????

The thought of having to listen to the screeching voice of Hillary Clinton for the next four years is enough to make me become a drunk!  She sends me up the wall.  I swear sometimes when she speaks (read yells) she sounds nuts (read lunatic).  There are many more women in this nation MORE qualified to be POTUS because they’ve actually done something significant in their political careers and they’d make far better presidents than Hillary.  But these women want nothing to do with the presidency because they know it’s a can of worms.

It is now OBVIOUS that our choices in November will be either Trump or Clinton.  Doesn’t matter who you vote for we’re getting a loser once again as POTUS!  A CORPORATIST who is the owned servant of Wall Street and will do exactly what Wall Street wants like a good little rich lackey!  Meanwhile, all of the REAL statesmen and women and all of the REAL men and women leaders who SHOULD be POTUS have bailed and disappeared.  They want nothing to do with the system because they not only know it’s rigged but it is CORRUPT!!

And so……….FURTHER down the SEWER out nation goes…………..and meanwhile we STILL sleep????

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Scientists Begin to Unlock When Human Conception Begins

According to new research life begins with a bright flash when sperm meets an egg not only in humans but also in other animals. For the first time researchers have captured this astonishing firework on camera. They have seen this phenomena before in other animals but never in humans. Additionally, the size of the flash can be used to determine the quality of a fertilized egg. The research is being conducted at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Apparently, the brighter the egg “burns” the healthier it is and the more likely it is to produce a healthier offspring. Researchers first saw such a flash in mouse eggs five years ago. The flash is known as a “zinc spark” and it occurs when sperm enters an egg. Zinc is then released from the egg and a light is emitted that can now be seen by researchers in humans. Over the past 6 years researchers have shown repeatedly that zinc controls the decision to grow and change into a completely new genetic organism.

This is fascinating as it shows that life truly begins with a BANG!

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Virginia Governor Restores Voting Rights of Felons

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe D-VA signed an executive order yesterday restoring the voting rights of 206,000 ex-felons in a sweeping action that the governor said was aimed largely at correcting Virginia’s “long and sad history” of suppressing African-American voting power.  Of course the Republican dominated legislature was outraged by the move claiming it was all a ploy to enhance Hillary Clinton winning the upcoming presidential election.  Boo-woo….

The executive order applies to all violent and non-violent felons who have finished their sentences and/or parole.  The order applies even to those ex-felons who have not applied for the restoration of their civil rights.  The governor’s order stops just short of creating an automatic civil rights restoration for all ex-offenders.  The order is historic and a shift away from Virginia’s policy of lifetime disenfranchisement for those convicted of serious crimes.

“We benefit from a more just and accountable government when we put trust in ALL of our citizens to choose leaders,” the governor said after signed the EO.  “It has taken Virginia many centuries, unfortunately, to learn this lesson but today we celebrate its truth,” he added.

Virginia is only 1 of 10 states that do not automatically restore civil rights upon completion of a felony sentence.  It is also only 1 of 4 states that require an application by the felon to restore his/her civil rights and it requires action of the governor for such rights to be restored individually.  But, yesterdays EO changes all of that.

Supporters of the EO praised the governor for his bold and historic action and for giving offenders a second chance to more fully participate in civic life.  Opponents, as expected, were outraged over the move claiming that the governor overreached his authority and that the EO is “unconstitutional.”

People make mistake in life especially when they are young.  Sadly, we penalize those people for their lifetime for decades after they have completed their punishment.  Everyone deserves a second chance IMO and I’m glad to see Governor McAuliffe had the guts to make such a historic change.  The “1 strike and you’re out” thinking is archaic and unjust.  We all proclaim we support human rights but, really, our actions or lack thereof in our own communities proves otherwise!  That makes us hypocrites, frankly, and liars.  If we really do support human rights then we should support the notion that everyone deserves a second chance and frankly rather than the “1 strike you’re out” routine I’d like to see our nation adopt the more just “3 strikes you’re out” notion.”  People are people and we all make mistakes.  There is no reason for us to deny people a second chance.  Part of the problem with reintegrating ex-felons into society is that they are forced to live as SECOND CLASS citizens with no real rights at all.   That’s unjust.  That’s not right and we all know it deep down in side.

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The Two-Faced Donald? How he’s FOOLED America!

Donald Trump 2016 GOP candidate for POTUS

Donald Trump 2016 GOP candidate for POTUS

Well…well…well….they say that time eventually reveals the truth and in the case of GOP candidate Donald Trump that truth now appears to be ready to reveal itself for the entire world to see.  Take note you ultra-conservative Trump supporters!!!

It appears that what we’ve seen from Trump thus far has been one big ACT designed for the public consumption of the conservatives in this nation BUT apparently that ACT is soon to end and the REAL Trump is about to be revealed.  This according to one of his SENIOR ADVISERS no less.  Trump has been simply playing the role of the angry, insult spewing white male American (regular guy……not) but will soon soften his persona to appeal to more voters and to appease the GOP leadership.  Paul Manafort is a long time GOP strategist who is now one of Trumps senior advisers and this info comes from him.

Manafort told GOP leaders that Trump “gets it” and that the “part he’s been playing is evolving.”  Keyword:  the PART as in role playing as in ACTING as in DECEPTION?  Trump himself says he’s capable of acting more presidential but he’s not ready to do so just yet.  I take it he’s not finished insulting people?  Of course this new info gives anti-Trump voters more reason to expose Trump as a FRAUD all the way around IF he’s simply playing a “role” or “part” as if he’s in yet another one of those IDIOTIC “reality series” which really have nothing to do with reality at all.  Remind me sometime to tell you all about my hunt for the New York City Alley Cat (monster) LMAO.

What the two faces of Trump say is that he’s a PHONY!  Who’s the real Trump?  Which are we going to get if he’s put into the Oval Office?  The ultra-conservative fiery Trump or the NOT-so-conservative but more liberal Trump?  And can he be trusted to be consistent as POTUS or is he simply going to alter between these two roles, which could be disastrous for our nation and world if he’s elected POTUS.

Critics say Trump has based his campaign on his cult following rather than issues and it’s no less than shocking that the man has actually got this far in the race.  Honestly I thought he’d be laughed out by now.

GOP challenger Sen Ted Cruz wasted no time picking up on this little revelation from Trumps top adviser and said “He’s telling us he’s lying to us…..this is just an act….this is just a show….”  BINGO TED CRUZ!!  That is EXACTLY what Trump has been doing.  To Trump his presidential run is just another reality show apparently and that’s why the man has no SUBSTANCE when it comes to solving the problems this nation faces.  Cruz went on to say, “Trump is a NY LIBERAL who is PRETENDING to be conservative to try to fool  Republican primary voters.”

So there we have it.  An admission from one of his Senior Advisers that all Trump has been doing is an ACT in an effort to FOOL Republican voters.  And from the looks of it Trump has succeeded!  I vote he be given an Emmy for Best ACTOR of the CENTURY!!  He’s right right about one thing, however, and that is that our political system IS RIGGED and a SHAM!  And THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP for proving it via your own personal example for the past few month!!

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Election 2016: These are our choices? Seriously???

Well it’s pretty clear now that billionaire Donald Trump is going to be the GOP presidential nominee and Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democrat nominee.  Of course, anyone paying attention to it all already knew that this would be the outcome from the beginning.  About the only thing “the Donald” has said that I agree with is that the system if rigged and if you haven’t figured that out by now then I don’t know what to tell you.  IT IS RIGGED!  All across this nation the elections ARE rigged!!  The voice and vote of the people has been squashed (long ago) and we simply go through the motions of voting pretending like this nation is still about We The People but the fact is what this nation is REALLY about is They The Corporation.  Main Street is quickly becoming insignificant and one giant slum and, frankly, the Nazi corporatist running this country couldn’t care less!  Have you noticed you’re paying more for LESS lately?  Just when you thought that potato chip bag couldn’t get any smaller it is.  Soon you’ll be paying $4 bucks for the size you used to take in your lunch box to school.  Suckers!!

The American people have been plundered and of that I have no doubt whatsoever.  This nation cannot have and will not have a REAL LEADER because anyone who truly is a born leader doesn’t want a damned thing to do with the CRAP that runs amok in Washington!  They know it’s one big hornets nest and corrupt beyond imagination and they want nothing to do with it.  So what do we get?  We get the likes of Trump and Clinton!  BOTH LOSERS in my book!!

Trump has made his billions apparently by being a bully and I’m sure as POTUS he’ll use the same tactics he has in business… bullying.  Clinton, on the other hand, seems to have some sort of magic wand that makes all of those peaty little problems like the BENGHAZI Affair and the emails containing TOP SECRET info all just go away….magically in fact.  I have no doubt in my mind that Clinton is literally OWNED by the Nazi Corporatist on Wall Street and that will become rather obvious if she is elected as POTUS.  Of course, so is “the Donald.”  We have TWO CORPORATIST to “choose” from and NO REAL LEADERS to choose from at all, period!  Instead we have two CLOWNS or puppets (whichever you prefer) that will be tightly controlled by the Nazi corporatist across the planet. If you think the bailouts of Goldman Sachs, AIG, etc were ridiculous just wait.  Whichever one of these two clowns gets elected will make that SACKING of the US Treasury look like pocket change. Continue reading

America’s Corruption…..EXPOSED!!

FINALLY, the whole world is beginning to see firsthand just how things in our political system operate! The world is beginning to see that all of this horse-crap about how you vote matters really does not and that now seems especially true of the Republican GOP (Gredy Old Party). In reviewing the headlines today on The Drudge Report I was shocked (no not really). Seems the GOP had been busy making “DEALS” in those old smoke-filled backrooms ensuring that even though Donald Trump has the majority of delegates he WON’T be their nominee for POTUS. Ted Cruz seems to be the party favorite and the powers that be within the GOP seem intent on making sure he IS the nominee and NOT the Donald even though We The People have cast the majority of our primary votes for Trump.

banana republic

Now let me make one thing clear. I’m not a Republican. I don’t like Donald Trump. I think Trump would be a disaster as POTUS. HOWEVER……I agree with what Trump said today about the political system in this country being CORRUPT and it’s time for CHANGE!

Trump said today that the GOP is “disenfranchising” voters with “crooked shenanigans” as Ted Cruz picks up delegates EVEN in states where TRUMP has won more votes! How the hell is that? It’s simple. It’s called BACKROOM DEALS and outright corruption! For example, Trump won more votes in Louisiana yet Cruz is emerging with more delegates than Trump. Trump said that the GOP is working to make certain he is not their nominee and that in fact DOES seem to be the case. He cited Louisiana as a prime example of a “corrupt system” saying, “It’s not right. We are SUPPOSED to be a democracy” making his comments in Rochester, NY.

In Colorado basically its come down to the GOP telling voters that they are NOT NEEDED which PROVES the votes of We The People DO NOT MATTER!

If you think this large-scale corruption exists only within the GOP you couldn’t be more WRONG. It also exists in the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton had an “establishment” victory in Wyoming even though she LOST to Bernie Sanders! WTF?

The FACT is this…..this nation is riddled with high level corruption beyond imagination and has been for a long, long time now. We have a CONSTITUTION but apparently our government and political party officials just think of it as a piece of ass-wipe that really doesn’t mean anything! What needs to happen is that ALL of these CORRUPT government and party officials need to be put in a prison somewhere for their remainder of their lives but that will never happen as long as they continue to run things. This nation is NOT A DEMOCRACY anymore, period! This nation is a corrupt CORPORATIST state!!

The GOP has decided they don’t want Trump as their nominee and the Dems have decided they don’t want Sanders as their nominee and what the voters want is NO LONG CONSIDERED. They want this election to be Clinton and Cruz and the “establishment” within each party is going to make sure that is what turns out to be so. And to hell with the American voters and the will of the people!

So what does this all come down too? We are no longer living in a Constitutional Republic. What America now is, is a CORPORATIST DICTATORSHIP! Things are controlled by the leaders of the TWO (what a frickin JOKE) political parties and Wall Street, the 1% and THEIR WILL is IMPOSED on We the People who are the 99%!! There’s no way you can call that a democracy or republic!!

One thing good coming out of all this is that TRUMP is making these corrupt party elites show their true colors for the entire planet to see and it’s about time the world see the TRUTH about our so-called Republic. Of course, MOST of the world figured that out a long, long time ago and the ONLY ones on the planet living in denial are AMERICANS. It’s time to face the TRUTH, bring these corrupt government and party “elites” to JUSTICE and CHANGE THE SYSTEM so that the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is heard once again LOUD AND CLEAR.