Moore Accusers Step Son Says She’s 100% LYING!!

Darrel Nelson is the stepson of the accuser of Judge Roy Moore, Beverly Young Nelson, and he says he’s 100% certain that she is lying about the alleged sexual assault committed on her by Moore several decades ago. In an interview with Breitbart News Nelson said “I know for a FACT that there is a lot that that woman does NOT tell the truth on.” In other words Nelson believes she has a history of lying!

Nelson also said that Beverly is NOT trustworthy and that he can see her making the entire incident up. Beverly, Nelson’s stepmother, has alleged that GOP Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore of Alabama sexually assaulted her outside a restaurant where she worked back in December of 1977. Nelson said he’s not close to his stepmother but that they are not adversaries either. He also added that he stays in regular contact with his father who has been married to his stepmother for the past 13 years.

Nelson has posted several videos on his Facebook in which he says his stepmother is a liar. He also suspicions that she or someone is getting paid for making the allegation and trying to run Moore out of the Senate race so his Democratic challenger can have a clear victory.

“There’s just a lot of details that don’t add up,” Nelson said. He went on to say, “Financially, I really believe that she is out for the money part. Somebody is paying somebody.” Nelson said his stepmother’s allegations are the first he’s ever heard of it and he would think that the family would have been told about the alleged rape before the media reported it. Continue reading


Once Again MEN are the ENEMY!!

commentary by Monomakh…………..

The MSM just can’t give the story a rest and each new day there is some other male of fame being accused of sexual harassment now. In short, the ongoing attack on males is endless and the MSM is using all of this to drive home the message that males are BAD. Ah yes….we are all sexual perverts and sexual harassers. Bad and vile creatures who should have been killed at birth, no doubt. And the way the MSM portrays it ALL males are BAD!!

Well folks that just ain’t so!! Surprise!!! In fact, MOST MEN TO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL harassment. And MOST men do not commit rape!! In fact, MOST men respect women and the last thing they want to do is to offend them. But, you’d never know it from the way the MSM is portraying it all now.

This all got into the limelight when women began making accusations against Hollywood Produce Harvey Weinstein. Sadly, SOME people have a tendency to generalize and that is what some have now done as they work overtime to paint all men as bad, evil, sexually driven, degenerates even though it’s NOT so. It’s been well know for decades that some of the people out in Hollywood are dirty pervs and in order to get them to make you famous you have to screw them. That’s no secret! And the same goes for politics. If you want to “be somebody” then you have to give sex to the powers that be otherwise you stay a nobody. SICK game but that’s the reality behind the pervs that entertain and rule over us!

I have the feeling that the MSM coverage of the sexual harassment is morphing into yet another attack on all males and on everything male. Once again I see the “all males must be feminized” routine starting to be played. The message is that anything having to do with MASCULINITY is bad and males should be like little boys (not men) and must be made to be feminine and ashamed of their own sexuality and masculinity. In short, all MEN should perpetually dwell in SHAME even though they haven’t done anything to deserve that shame. Of course, that’s the goal of the lesbian feminists who have blamed men for anything and everything.

SOME men sexually harass women. SOME men rape women. SOME men are pervs. But I can say the same about SOME WOMEN too! The keyword is SOME not all. It’s important we remember that and it’s also HIGHLY important that men who do these things are NOT MASCULINE at all because they are PERVERTS! Masculine men do not harass others either sexually or in any other way because they RESPECT other people. Masculine men are Continue reading

McConnell Will Have to Seat Moore if He Wins!

Despite all of the bravado talk coming from the lips of that incompetent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (aka: RINO) if Judge Roy Moore wins the Senate seat election in Alabama, McConnell will have to seat him. Despite his pretense that he is some kind of all-powerful banana republic dictator McConnell will have to follow the law and seat Moore.

This has now been confirmed by Senator Susan Collins R-ME who said according to the LAW McConnell will have no choice but to seat Moore if he wins the Alabama election. This comes amid growing comments by McConnell and his cohorts that they will push Moore out if he wins. Now keep in mind these are all REPUBLICANS and this is just one more reason why the Republican controlled Senate and House just can’t get anything done. They are too busy with in-fighting!

If you ask me McConnell should be run out on a rail as he’s proven his LACK of leadership skills more than once. He’s all talk and no action, frankly. Instead of working to unite Republicans in the Senate McConnell seems focused on dividing his own party in the Senate and DIVIDED it indeed is. I’m sure the Democrats are sitting back laughing hilariously at the stupidity and division in among Republicans who, frankly, are demonstrating CHILDISH behavior. No wonder Republican President Trump is so disgusted with Congress! All 100 Senators and all 435… Continue reading

Mexican Border Cops Killed US Tourists!!

The spin has been that two American tourists in a maroon pickup ran a checkpoint in the Mexican State of Coahuila located on the Texas-Mexico border and then the two opened fire on Mexican police who were chasing them. Mexican police returned fire and killed the two gunmen now identified as Demetrius Atkins and a Mexican national with legal residence status named Edgar Valdez Rodriguez. But this account, apparently, of what happened resulting in the death of the two American men is NOT FACTUAL.

The tale told by Mexican border police as to what led up to the incident has not held up to questioning and Mexican prosecutors have now obtained three arrest warrants for three Mexican officers involved in the incident. Two of the officers have now been arrested by Mexican state police and are being held in a prison in Coahuila. Authorities are searching for the third officer who is on the run. The two arrested are Felix Enrique Moreno Vasquez (aka: “La Pirana”) and Ivan Vladimir Martinez (aka: “El Hermano”).

In truth, it now appears that the two Americans were NOT armed at all so they could not have been shooting at Mexican border police and, further, they apparently did NOT run the checkpoint as alleged. What Mexican authorities believe is that these three border cops executed the two Americans in cold blood! Their motive remains unclear at this point. Continue reading

Former DNC Chairwoman Spills the Beans on Hillary and Obama!!

BrazileAccording to former DNC interim Chairwoman Donna Brazile the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee for POTUS was RIGGED! It appears the Clinton crime machine moved in and took over the DNC by establishing control over the party’s finances which were made bankrupt by Barack Obama.

Bernie Sanders never had a chance at the nomination IMO after reading the below editorial on Politico by Brazile. Brazile followed the money trail and found a lot of surprises along they way which, although not illegal, is certainly UNETHICAL.

Read the article and discover just what a complete SHAM our two party system is and discover just how REALLY corrupt out “public servants” really are! Of course I’m sure the DNC is not alone as I’m sure the RNC has done their fair share of unethical things too. The people in DC are all corrupt and our government no longer represents WE THE PEOPLE. That is no BEYOND CLEAR!

Read Brazile’s revelations at:

CIA Docs Point to Hitler Survival!!!

Washington, DC – Newly declassified CIA files seem to confirm certain FBI documents related to Adolf Hitler, which claimed the Nazi Fuehrer escaped Germany and took up residence in South America after World War II.

The files indicate that in 1955, the chief of the CIA’s Western Hemisphere Division (WHD) received a secret memo with the subject line “Operational:  Adolf Hitler” from the acting CIA station chief in Venezuela, which indicated that one of his sources had received a tip that the Nazi Fuhrer was indeed alive and living in Argentina.

read the story at:

Hitler in Columbia, South America in 1955 ten years after he was supposedly dead.

Continue reading

UK Reporter Got Phone Call BEFORE Killing of JFK!!

Most of the files related to the assassination investigation of President John F Kennedy were released late yesterday although some are being withheld for another few months under the claim of possible “national security” which, of course, is a very broad term. However, among those files released late yesterday is a report made by a top reporter in the UK who got a mysterious phone call 25 minutes before JFK was killed in Dallas, Texas.

US President John F. Kennedy

The file is a CIA file from its London office. The report details a phone call received by the top reporter at the Cambridge News in the UK. It reads in part, “The British Security Service (MI-5) has reported at 18:05 GMT on 22nd November (1963) an anonymous phone call was made in Cambridge, England to the senior reporter of teh Cambridge News. The caller only said that the Cambridge News reporter should call the American Embassy in London for some big news and then hung up.”  Additionally, another file (report) details that a death threat was made against Lee Harvey Oswald the day before JFK was killed in Dallas.

Although we were promised by the so called “experts” that nothing in the files released late last night was “significant” these two documents DO appear to be HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT, in my opinion.  The mysterious phone call to the London reporter 25 minutes before JFK was killed tells me that someone had prior knowledge of the assassination and that they wanted to ensure that the international media knew about it.  Further, the death threat made against Oswald the day before JFK was killed tells me that someone was gunning for Oswald for some reason. My own opinion is that Oswald was a patsy and I think he may have been getting “cold feet” as the fatal day approached and so whoever else was involved in the assassination of JFK threatened to kill him if he didn’t follow through with the “plan.” Continue reading