Carter Reveals He Has Brain Cancer!

Former US President Jimmy Carter in a closed news conference today revealed that he has several cancer spots on his brain.  Carter had liver surgery recently and said that doctors discovered the cancer had spread to other parts of his body.  Today he revealed that the cancer has spread to his brain, sadly.

This afternoon he will begin radiation treatments for the multiple melanoma spots on his brain, Carter told the audience at the Carter Center.  Carter also said he would cut back on his activities with the Carter Center.  Carter appeared at the conference with family and friends including his wife, former First Lady Rosalyn Carter.

Carter said at first he thought the cancer was confined to his liver but on the same day as doctors operated on his liver to remove the cancer he underwent an MRI that revealed the cancer was also in his brain.  Carter said when doctors removed the cancer from his liver he thought it was completely removed so he was “relieved.”  However, when the MRI revealed cancer also in his brain Carter said, I thought I had a few weeks left, but I was surprisingly at ease.”

Carter is 90 years old and served as POTUS before beaten in a second term bid by Ronald Reagan.  Carter’s tenure in office saw several foreign policy crises including the taking of American hostage in Iran at the US embassy.  It wasn’t until Reagan took over as POTUS that the hostages were released by Iran’s radical Ayatollah Khomeni who ousted the Shah of Iran, Reza Pahlavi.

Since leaving the White House, Carter has been involved in numerous humanitarian efforts including building homes for the poor and monitoring elections in various nations around the planet.  He has authored books and also appeared for public speaking at several events.

As President, Carter was accused of being to soft when it came to dealing with Iran and trying to secure the release of US hostages.  Many Americans thought Carter should be in the pulpit at the time, not in the White House.  True Carter has always been very involved in his Baptist Church and he still teaches Sunday School which he still plans to do this coming Sunday.  Many Americans thought the radical Ayatollahs in Iran simply did not take Carter seriously and they considered him to weak to wage any military action against Iran to secure release of the hostages.  Carter made a bid for a second term and was defeated by Ronald Reagan significantly as Americans saw Reagan better equipped to deal with the aggressive Iran.

Whether you agree with his politics or not I think everyone will admit that Carter is a good man.  Perhaps he’s one of those men who are just to good to a fault.  Carter is also remembered for being a very kind president and people who met him in person were struck by his kindness.  There’s nothing wrong with being kind but sometimes it becomes a fault as it did in the case with Iran’s aggressive and radical Ayatollahs.

Carter said today at the end of the conference “I’ve had a wonderful life,” and indeed he has.  Carter has lived out his values without compromising them in public life and private life.  The prognosis for brain cancer is usually not good, sadly.  Radiation treatments will take their toll on the 90 year old as they do on others fighting cancer.  Carter was very composed at the conference this morning and it appears that he’s come to terms with his cancer and fate.



ISIS Head Repeatedly Raped US Hostage!

American intelligence sources say that the head of the terrorist group ISIS, Abu Bakr Baghdadi, repeatedly raped US hostage Kayla Mueller before having her killed.  Kayla’s father told reporters that US government sources told him that Baghdadi claimed to have married his daughter even though he doubts that is so.  Yesterday would have been his daughter’s 27th birthday.

Kayla’s mother, Marsha, told reporters that she believed Kayla did not marry Baghdadi but that he took her to his room and abused her to the point that she returned to her room in tears  This comes as the latest revelations about ISIS and its self proclaimed Caliph leader which has beheaded, burned, and even crucified male hostages while passing around women to its fighters as sex slaves!  In fact, just last week Baghdadi had numerous women executed because they refused to become whores and have sex with his men.

ISIS claims Kayla was killed in a Jordanian airstrike near Raqqah, the self proclaimed capital of ISIS, and US officials confirmed the death but could not determine how she was killed.  Kayla was from Prescott, Arizona.

Abu Bakr Baghdadi is the self proclaimed leader of ISIS and recently he proclaimed himself “caliph” meaning he views himself as the leader of all Muslims around the world.  However, MOST Muslims around the world do NOT see him as the Caliph but as a renegade, terrorist, killer.

The United States government has a $10 million reward out on Baghdadi for information leading to his capture or death (read Bounty).  The only other terrorist leader to have such a large bounty is the head of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri.  His bounty is $25 million. Continue reading

EPA Succeeds in Poisoning Water Supply in US Southwest!!!

Animas River Durango Colo 2015I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by now unless you’ve been living in a cave and if you’re buying the official “party line” then you must be living in a cave.  What am I talking about?  Well it seems that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency—keyword “protection”) released millions of gallons of toxic waste into the rivers of the American southwest last week and those rivers have turned an ugly neon orange now as they are filled with lead, arsenic, and a few other goodies making their way through the river systems of the SW down to the Colorado River killing everything along the way.  And, of course, it was all “accidental” says the EPA.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Accidents do happen but something on this scale?  The EPA will pay for clean up operations but damage control got underway right away as EPA officials moved to get Navajos and other Native American peoples to sign waivers stating they’d get x-amount now but nothing more in the future.  WTF?  Navajo tribal officials are outraged over the EPA ploy (read con-job) and they have come right out and said the federal government is attempting to “swindle” them just like they have so many times in the past.  I wholeheartedly agree!

It all began near Silverton, Colorado when an EPA led team “accidentally”  pulled the plug on 3 million gallons of toxic waste water and the disaster has now spread down river from Colorado, into New Mexico, into Utah, and heading into Arizona.  The toxic waste was from an old gold mine.  Thus far at least two rivers have been shut down completely.  Last Wednesday and EPA “cleanup” team (cleanup?  you can’t be serious) used heavy equipment (read bulldozers, etc) to breach a dam at the mine.  That’s when the “accident” happened and sent 5 million gallons of orange toxic waste into America’s southwestern river systems.  The waste immediately flowed into a nearby creek and made its way down into a river near Durango, Colorado and then onward into the river systems.  The old abandoned gold mine is known as the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado.

The toxic waste flowed into the Animas River near Durango and then down into the San Juan River.  Since last Wednesday SEVEN public water supplies have been shut off in Colorado and New Mexico.  EPA Administrator said the accident is “tragic  and very unfortunate” and that’s about all she could offer for an apology.  Yet I can’t help but wonder why no heads are rolling!  Not one person FIRED over this?  Oh yes, they protect their own don’t they?

McCarthy, the EPA administrator told reporters that the EPA is “taking responsibility to ensure that the spill is cleaned up.”  That wouldn’t be like the EPA taking responsibility for cleaning up the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back would it?  God help us all if so!  The EPA blew that one and, sadly, I already see some of the same ploys at work in this most recent environmental DISASTER.  That is, damage control already under way, telling the public there’s nothing to worry about, and now EPA officials saying the rivers are “restoring themselves.”  WTF? Recall in the BP oil spill they said the same thing?  The EPA said the Gulf was restoring itself yet an ABC reporter and news program sent a sub under the Gulf water and found that the Gulf had NOT cleaned itself up but that all of the oil simply sunk to the bottom!  And the Gulf is STILL experiencing the damage done!  And let me not forget to mention the “strange” health problems people along the gulf begin experiencing (all of which are signs of being exposed to massive amounts of toxic btw).  And need I mention all of the wildlife, birds, and fish that were slaughtered not only by the BP spill but the toxic chemical the EPA sprayed over the area in a futile effort to clean the mess up? Continue reading

S’up with America?

banana repRioting in Ferguson, police shooting dead unarmed black youth, officers being fired for shooting unarmed black football players, the continuing human flood across our southern border ever-increasing, a POTUS mostly in the background (what’s new?), a GOP SHOW that beats anything PT Barnum could have come up with or Red Skelton for that matter, and a leading DEM presidential candidate whose emails are now the subject of a FBI and Dept of Justice CRIMINAL investigation.  Oh and let us not forget the recent “deal” with the Ayatollah’s in Iran paving the way for that wayward state to develop nuclear weapons.  A state that has stated repeatedly that its desire is to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.”  And this “deal”?  No oversight, no sanctions, no accountability, and no international access to any Iranian nuke sites!  What a DEAL!!  And one last thing….ISIS….young Americans being arrested for trying to join ISIS and meanwhile ISIS is busy executing women in mass.  The reason?  Because they refuse to have sex with ISIS fighters!  And this is a “conservative Islamic state” headed by a self-proclaimed “Caliph” who is supposed to be the religious and secular head of all Muslims?

And now comes news that China has cut the value of its yen yesterday and also again this morning scaring the beejeebees out of Wall Street with some of the brighter politicians and economists in our country warning this is the beginning of the end of the dollar.   Likely they are right.  But that’s ALWAYS been the COMMUNIST plan and China is STILL a Communist state.  The plan NEVER was to confront America and the West via military action.  The plan has always been to destroy us economically, bring us to our knees (read starvation and civil unrest) and THEN march in the Red Armies!

And so I’m sitting on my front porch this morning with my little puter and cup of java mixed with Hershey’s chocolate (try it) wondering just what in the HELL is going on America?  I think we’ve succeeded in transforming our country and our society into the biggest JOKE in human history since Adam dawned!  Law and order are breaking down across this nation and civil discontent and unrest are growing.  The “haves” continue to get more and the “have not’s” continue to get LESS to top it all off.  And I can’t help this morning but wonder just where in the HELL is the leadership in this country?  I see 535 FLUNKIES sitting up on Cap Hill doing a whole lot of NOTHING other than watching our nation and our people sink even deeper into that cesspool we’ve been in for the past 30 years!  Oh wait, I do see them doing something.  That is, collecting big FAT paychecks and enjoying that luxury healthcare at OUR expense!

I do see a ray of hope, however.  Vermont Senator and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders once considered the “dark horse” in the Dem race is leading second to Hillary and drawing crowds and donations that are astounding to many politic watchers.  Hillary will be OUT of the race before long I suppose as that little mess known as Benghazi that got a sitting US Ambassador killed is just won’t go away.  Finally after running out of options, ploys, and games she turned over her emails to the FBI yesterday but I wouldn’t count on those that might incriminate her not being erased.  Yes, Hillary…stuff it under that dirty old carpet!

And then we have the showman Donald Trump who continues to be loud, boisterous, and full of himself.  He puts on a good show and he’s appealing to what many Americans are feeling BUT is this man really presidential material?  He pretends he knows what We The POOR People are going through but I DOUBT he really knows as he’s got more bucks in his pocket than any of us will ever have in a lifetime.  Please Mr Trump SPARE US.  You have a silver spoon in your mouth and the FACT is most Americans don’t even have a tin spoon or any spoon at all!!

So I’m asking S’up America?  And in answer to my own question I’d say A LOT OF BULLSHIT!  So what’s new?  One thing I know is this.  2016 is CRITICAL for all of us living down here on Main Street…red, yellow, black, white, magenta, and anything in-between.  Critical because we will be making the choice to continue down the same old Corporatist path leading us into deeper poverty and want OR making a change and putting someone in the White House who really DOES see through the BULLSHIT in this country and has a REAL desire to do something about it (no I’m not talking Trump).  And if we make the choice to continue down the same old Corporatist road?  Well the American NIGHTMARE will just continue to get worse as the never-ending GREED in this country continues to DESTROY our nation and people.



Trump Steals the SHOW!!






Last night saw the first of the GOP debates and without question it was frontrunner and real estate mogul Donald Trump who stole the SHOW.  And what a SHOW it was indeed!  All designed for your consumption and entertainment with a few features “borrowed” from Trumps own past reality shows.  Oh yes, Trump was obviously the CEO of the debate and he made sure everyone watching new it right from the beginning.  And the rest of the GOP candidates?  Why they are just Trumps lackeys!  At least that’s the image Trump was trying to portray.

It all began when Trump became the only candidate to not say that if he didn’t get the nomination he wouldn’t wage his own independent campaign.  That move right from the start set the stage for Trump and made him stick out gaining the audience’s attention and it worked.

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly hit Trump on his past comments about women saying Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton believes Trump to be a part of the war on women.  Trump shot back in an effort to justify his lack of political correctness and added an insulting comment about Rosie O’Donnell in process.  Frankly, about the only thing Trump said that I agreed with is that this country is in big trouble and that this country doesn’t have time for political correctness.  Absolutely!

But, then, Trump shot his mouth off again and this time it was about Mexican and Mexico.  In the past Trump has made several comments alleging Mexico is sending criminals across the border into the US because our leaders are stupid and deceived about the Mexican government.  The “stupid and deceived” I might agree with but I highly doubt the Mexican government is sending known criminals to the US.  The Mexican drug cartels are already here as America (read Americans) are the big market for illegal drugs yet Trump didn’t say a word about that fact.  It’s just not Mexicans and other Latinos coming across our southern border as the US Border Patrol finds DAILY thrown away military style uniforms from Middle Eastern countries on our side of the border meaning we have terrorists crossing the southern border pretending to be Mexican.  Yet, again, Trump said nothing about that either.  In fact, what Trump said is that we need a wall stretching across the border to keep the Mexicans out!  A wall?  As in Berlin Wall Mr Trump?  I’m sure it will have razor wire on top and towers manned by guards with machine guns and big spot lights, right?  Oh and I assume the standing order in those towers will be “shoot on sight” isn’t that correct Mr Trump?

GOP candidate who was part of the debate, Senator Rand Paul, pretty much hit Trump on the head when Paul commented saying of Trump, “He buys and sells politicians of all strips.  He’s already hedging his bet on the Clintons.”  You’re absolutely right Rand as Trump is one of the 1% who has mega-bucks thus making him part of the PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION in this country!  The REAL PROBLEM in this country isn’t that our leaders are naive and stupid but that they are bought, paid for, and outright OWNED by corporate America and the global corporations and they no longer represent We The People but he corporations instead.   Can you say CORRUPTION America???

Trump has given money to Hillary Clinton in the past and, in fact, Trump has supported various other candidates in the past who hold opposite views of what Trump is spouting today with all of his “ultra-conservative” rhetoric. Makes one want to say, “Will the real Donald Trump please stand up.”

Now let us also keep in mind that Trump made his BILLIONS mostly in real estate.  Consider for a moment just who the SLAVE LABOR is in the real estate industry.  You know, the people who do all of the landscaping and much of the tile laying and construction work on just bought properties for minimum wage or below.  Why it is the MEXICANS!  Oh it’s one of those “jobs” that Americans don’t want, or so we are told.  I’d be interested to know just how many Mexicans and other illegals work or have worked for Trump on one of his properties.  I betting several because Americans just don’t want those kind of jobs, right?  So if Trump gets elected and builds his Berlin Wall whose he going to use for America’s SLAVE CLASS?  I’m sure he’ll find someone as America has ALWAYS had its slave class.  First was the Blacks, then it was the Chinese immigrants, and today it is the Hispanic immigrants.  Will America’s slave class please step forward so we know who you are?

Getting back to the MONEY TRAIL (which most often is where TRUTH lies) Trump defended his donations to the Clintons saying he gave to her foundations and that he donated to politicians for “BUSINESS FAVORS.”  He said that demonstrates that our political system is “broken.”  Excuse me?  This man gives money in order to get “business favors” in return making him part of the PROBLEM in this country and somehow we are supposed to believe that suddenly he’s now part of the solution when the fact is he’s been part of the problem which is the ownership of our politicians?  And he really expects Main Street America to buy that shit LOL?  I think it safe to conclude that not only does Trump think our politicians are stupid and deceived but that everyday Americans are REALLY stupid and EASILY deceived.

Trump is a showman.  That’s obvious from his TV reality series in the past and today.  It’s all SHOW for public consumption to put him in the White House and once (if) that happens let me assure you the politician buying for “business favors” will skyrocket.  Trump is Wall Streets man but he isn’t America’s man!  What he’s doing is playing the role (Trump is a pretty good actor btw) of Mr Ultra-conservative appealing to all those ultra-conservatives out there that would like to throw our country back into the 1800s and screw progress!  He’s also playing on people’s fears and that tends to work amazingly well with many people as, in fact, they are afraid of their own shadows just as SHEEPLE should be.  He admitted last night that he gave donations to politicians with the expectation of getting “business favors” in return.  That, in my opinion, is an admission from Trump himself that he IS part of the problem not the solution.  How much more blunt could he be?  But that wasn’t all.  Trump also said that most of the GOP candidates on stage last night were people he’d donated to also!  Boy if that wasn’t the clincher in this debate what was!  That’s right all you other GOP candidates.  Remember who gave you the pesos and who owns you!!

Let us not take Trump lightly.  He leads in the polls outpacing Jeb Bush by 10 points even though Bush is the clear favorite of the GOP mafia!  He outpaces Scott Walker by 12 points and in polling all of the other candidates are in the single digits.  Trump MIGHT grab the nomination and that would be a nightmare IMO especially for MEXICANS whom he claims he has political support from BUT which I HIGHLY DOUBT to be so!

Marco Rubio, another GOP candidate, during the debate defended himself when hit with accusations that he just wasn’t experienced enough to be POTUS saying this election “had better be about the future, not the past.”  Amen to that!  And let’s not forget that our current POTUS was inexperienced when he came into office about 8 years ago.  So Rubio wouldn’t be the first.  BTW isn’t he Cuban?  Hmmm…Hispanic……………wonder what Trump thinks of Rubio?

Senator Rand Paul got a bunch of applause during the debate when he commented that he wants government to collect more records on terrorists and less records on law-abiding Americans.  Candidate NJ Governor Chris Christie shot back calling Paul’s comment “ridiculous” and asking “How are you supposed to know?”  That is, just how are you suppose to know who’s a terrorist and who’s not I assume Christie meant.  Obviously, someone needs to enlighten Christie as he didn’t get the memo pointing out that the real terrorists are not Mid Eastern fanatics but Grandma Moses in the wheel chair!  Good god Christie!  Where have you been?  In a New Jersey cave or something?

Bottomline is this.  Last nights GOP debate was the biggest crock of shit I’ve seen in a long time!  It was like watching one of Trumps reality shows which, honestly, I hate.  It was clearly all fakery and produced for the sheeple in America which is exactly what the GOP thinks of Americans down here on Main Street.  IMO this was far from being a real debate and it was nothing more than yet another Hollywood production designed for your entertainment.  And that is what it was.  Entertainment and nothing more IMO.  What a sham!!  I didn’t buy it and I hope you didn’t either.

Fact is this nation is in BIG trouble but I didn’t see one candidate in the debates last night that I’d put my faith in to do something about it.  In fact, at the end of the debate I was left with a gut wrenching feeling hoping (praying) that NONE of these people make into the White House because if they do we are going to be in bigger trouble than we are now.

And now allow me to close with the candidate I opened with.  It’s none other than the infamous, shouting, great actor Donald Trump.  In the past he’s made comments about women such as referring to them as, and I quote, “FAT PIGS.”  He’s also referred to women as “DOGS” and “DISGUSTING ANIMALS” on Twitter.  WTF???  Hey Trump! Wasn’t your mother a woman?  And weren’t your wives also?

And now Trump holds nothing back making Hispanics, specifically “Mexicans,” public enemy numero uno!  Oh yes, they are the cause of all of our woes in this country.  Forget the political corruption and the buying of politicians for “business favors” in return.  And forget how corporate America loves to rip off Americans and play us all for FOOLS. Oh and let’s not forget how 1% of the 1% in this nation hold 99% of the wealth either!!

Trump, in my OPINION, is a racist bigot and egotistical woman hater!!  And that is the bottomline for me when it come to Donald Trump!  He puts on a good show but IF this man was ever put in the White House it would be the WORST DISASTER this nation ever had.