Forthcoming: Are our soldiers dying because of DU?

Sonora del Norte Press editor Antonio Fuentes and Investigative Reporter Robert L. will be posting a report soon centering around NATO soldiers now contracting deadly cancers due to their exposure to Depleted Uranium (DU) in bombs while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The military claims these soldiers are suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) but that may NOT be the case.  The military’s “treatment” is to put these soldiers on psychiatric drugs like Prozac.  Sorry but Prozac does nothing for cancer!

We will attempt to uncover the truth about DU and what it is doing to our service men and women and what it might be doing to you right now especially if you live in Idaho.  We aren’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy!  Wake up and smell the coffee!

Check back soon for our investigative report on this subject.

Antonio Fuentes, Editor SDNP


Islam in Latin America

Islam in Latin America

by Antonio Fuentes & Robert L.

This is the first in a series of articles we are running about Islam and Hispanics.

You might not know it be Mexico has the largest Muslim population in Latin America and it is growing not only in Mexico but in Central America, Brazil, Argentina, and other Latin American nations. Most sources agree that Islam arrived in Mexico via immigrants from Turkey, Syria, Egypt, and Iran. One big Muslim organization in Mexico is the Centro Cultural Islamico de Mexico (CCIM) which is English means the “Islamic Cultural Center of Mexico.” This is a Sunni Muslim organization headed by Omar Weston who is a British born Mexican convert to Islam. CCIM has been active in several big cities across Mexico especially in the North and Central parts of the country. There is also the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Order in Mexico City which is often at odds with mainstream Islam as it is headed by two women Imams (prayer leaders). Another Muslim organization in Mexico is the Centro Salafi de Mexico which is a small Salafi Muslim organization headed by Muhammad Abdullah Ruiz a former deputy of Weston’s. In Mexico City there is also the Centro Educativo de la Comunidad Musulmana en Mexico (the Muslim Community Education Center) which is administrated by Muslims from Egypt and the Middle East and which serves as an Islamic education center inside Mexico.

In the Mexican State of Chiapas there is the Spanish Murabitun Community known as the Comunidad Islamica en Espana. This organization is based in Granada, Spain and has a growing influence in Chiapas, Mexico. The Murabitun movement has a presence in at least 20 countries. They advocate allegiance to an Amir (prince) and reintroduction of Islamic currency known as the Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham among other things. The current Amir is Muhammad Nafia (formerly Aureliano Perez) who was a Spanish missionary. He arrived in the Mexican State of Chiapas not long after the Zapatista uprising and established a commune in San Cristobal. He has succeeded in converting many Maya and Tzotzils to Islam. There is also a Madrasa (Islamic School) in San Cristobal where children learn Arabic and pray five times per day. Most Mayan converts today have left the Murabitun movement and now are associated with the CCIM and follow the orthodox Sunni form of Islam. They have built the Al Kausar Mosque in San Cristobal de las Casas.

Southern Mexico has long been a bastion of Catholicism but in recent times Islam has gained a foothold and the Mexican government of Vincente Fox has expressed concern about a religious or cultural clash between the two faiths. Chiapas is Mexico’s poorest State and the Mayan and other indigenous people are seen as second class people. There is much racism in Chiapas. Natives have to move onto the street if a light skinned person approaches them still today! One of the reasons Islam is growing in Chiapas is because race plays no role in Islam. A Muslim is a brother or sister no matter what their skin color. Mexican converts to Islam usually take Arabic names and add them to their Spanish surnames. Muslim women in headscarves have become a common sight in San Cristobal. Continue reading

Fast and Furious: Why the Delay?

What is up with the “investigation” by Rep Issa into the Fast & Furious illegal gun running operation carried out by the ATF?  I put “investigation” in quotes because, frankly, I’m beginning to have my doubts that Issa is conducting a serious investigation at all.  What in the hell is taking so long to get to the TRUTH?  Sure I know the Justice Dept is stonewalling Issa at ever turn but that’s to be expected when there is something to hide.  Is Issa even qualified to be conducting such an investigation?  I’m beginning to wonder.  It’s gone on too long and the people in this nation and in Mexico have a RIGHT to know the TRUTH!

According to various reports conservative Americans are just as tired of waiting for the truth as I am.  They are starting to apply political pressure on GOP leaders in Congress to step up to the plate and DO SOMETHING……ANYTHING!!  That poses another question I have.  What the hell is up with this WORTHLESS CONGRESS?  I guess Defense Secretary Panetta was right after all.  Congress IS just a powerless ceremonial body of NO SIGNIFICANCE now!

There is growing frustration among some Americans and Mexican citizens over Issa’s slow moving investigation into Fast & Furious.  People on both sides of the border are tired of waiting for truth and justice in this affair.  They want the people responsible for 2000 US guns getting into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels held responsible for their criminal activities.  Those guns have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Mexican citizens and at least one or two murders of a US agents, one being Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.


Is Obama Being Blackmailed?

by Antonio Fuentes, Editor & Robert L., Reporter

Is President Obama being blackmailed? Does some powerful person or group have the dirt on him and are they using it to force him to do their bidding? That’s what Jerome Corsi alleged on the Alex Jones Show last night. The discussion on the show centered around Sheriff Arpaio’s criminal investigation into the eligibility of Obama and whether or not he is truly a natural born US citizen. The sheriff says the Obama birth certificate is a fake and so is his draft card, Further, Obama is using a fake social security number issued in a state he never lived in and he has apparently gone by several surnames.

You can watch the interview Jones did with Corsi at:

In addition, the postman who delivered mail for decades to the family of Bill Ayers has come forward with sworn testimony as part of Arpaio’s investigation. The postman claims that the parents of known Marxist terrorist Ayers told him that they were financing a “foreign student” from Indonesia who was attending college in the US, presumably Occidental College. The postman told Sheriff Arpaio that he met the young Obama one day in front of the Ayers home who told him he had come to the Ayers home to thank them for their financial support and putting him through college. He says he’s certain the young man he met was Barack Obama and he even recalls his big ears which is a sore spot with Obama. He remembers the encounter well because Obama told him that he (Obama) was going to be POTUS one day and the postman was a little shocked as the young man (Obama) was an Indonesian and, thus, not eligible to be POTUS. Continue reading

Afghans Want US OUT NOW!

Following the wake of the shooting in Afghanistan by an alleged rogue US soldier the Afghan government now wants the US to get out of their country.  Afghan President Karzai told US officials that he wants to take over control of the nation’s security as early as 2013-14 and he wants US forces pulled out of Afghan villages.  He told visiting US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta that the Afghan government is ready to take over security in their nation.  preferably Karzai wants the takeover completed by 2013 not 2014.  He wants US troops out of Afghan villages immediately and relocated in their bases there.  He added that he was sure the US and the Afghans could work out some sort of treaty to allow some US forces to remain after 2014.  What is happening here is Karzai is trying to save his chicken neck.

Whether or not the US soldier who went crazy last week acted alone and went on a rampage killing 16 Afghan villagers is debatable.  Some people in the village are claiming it was not one lone gunman but a group of “drunk and loud” soldiers that carried out the killings.  So what is the truth?  We will never know I suppose. Continue reading

Sheriff Says Obama BC is a Fake

Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio has now released his Posse investigation findings into the eligibility of President Barak Obama and his investigation has concluded that crimes like fraud were committed and that the President’s birth certificate and selective service registration card are fake. The Sheriff announced last Thursday that the investigation will now become a criminal investigation and he wants to interview a “person of interest” whom the Sheriff thinks may have perpetrated the fraud. In addition, Arpaio says in about 10 days his office will make another announcement concerning this case.

Reportedly, the Sheriff’s office used the skills of several experts around the world to conclude that there is probable cause to believe the birth certificate is a forgery despite the State of Hawaii claiming that it is real. Continue reading