“Rip in Earth” CONFIRMED: May Spell Doomsday!

Before you panic and pack up the old lady and babies to head to the hills you must first know that what scientists have discovered has been known for the past 90 years! So don’t head to that survival shelter just yet. ūüôā

In the Pacific “Ring of Fire” there is a tear or rip that is approximately 60,000 square kilometers (23.2 sq miles) in size. It has been known about for the past 90 years and has now been confirmed to be very real, indeed. The rip is just north of Australia and it is a matter of concern because it exists within the Pacific “Rim of Fire” which is the most active fault line on the planet not to mention the many volcanoes that exist along the rim. The Ring of Fire basically extends around the Pacific coastline from New Zealand to Asia to Canada and down to the US west coast and South America.


Every year there are significant volcanic eruptions and earthquakes along this grand fault line and in many cases the earthquakes are very deadly such as those we’ve seen in just the past few months in Japan, Peru, and New Zealand. Scientists fear that some really huge quakes (mega-quakes) may be on the horizon. The rip or tear is actually an exposed fault and although it has been known about for the past 90 years and has now been confirmed to really exist scientists do not know how it got there.

The rip is known as the Banda Detachment and it is believed to have formed as the result of one tectonic plate sliding under another resulting in the Earth’s crust sinking into the mantle. The plate is now in a position where a sudden slip could lead to some of the largest earthquakes in history and, thus, cause mega-tsunamis that could cause disaster in ways we’ve never seen before.

Australian National University researcher Jonathan Powhall and his team have now found a 7 km (2.7 mile) deep abyss beneath the Banda Sea off the coast of eastern Indonesia and it may well be the plant’s largest exposed fault plane. This is in a region that already has an extreme tsunami risk. The results of a quick slip of the tectonic plate would be nothing short of disastrous.

This brought to my mind something archaeologist Jonathan Gray has said. That is, there are ancient stories about how the earth’s crust “ripped apart” causing global disaster long ago! Gray documents these ancient stories in several of his publications including “Dead Man’s Secrets” and “The Killing of Paradise Planet.”

Gray says these ancient stories speak of a time when everything in prehistoric human life changed within 24 hours! Gray also cites physical evidence around the world to prove this global disaster actually happened in our prehistory. The Banda Detachment may well be the “smoking gun” and the disaster may repeat itself anytime.

Ironically, when it comes to human prehistory we know our past BUT when it comes to human PREHISTORY we know very little as written records were not kept and most of human history was passed down orally from generation to generation. Human prehistory runs from the believed appearance of modern man (Homo sapiens) about 200,000 years ago to the invention of writing about 5,500 years ago (estimates vary). So basically anything before 5.5 thousand years ago is considered as “prehistory” and anything after that time is considered “history.”

Now…..I don’t know about you but I’m packing my survival shit just in case I have to go on a moments notice! ¬†And btw whoever you homesteaders are who’ve invaded my bunker I’m coming to evict you! ¬†Get the hell out!!! ¬†Each man for himself!!! ¬†Women and children last!!




http://www.beforeus.com/first.php (Dr Jonathan Gray’s website)


Dyatlov Pass Pt 8: Assessment and Conclusion

Dyatlov Pass Hikers_1

When looking at the 9 hikers I see nothing unusual about them. I see little to no evidence that Zolotaryov and Kolevatov were KGB agents or in the hire of the KGB. There is simply NO EVIDENCE to support the theory that they were!  Yes, these two men tested positive for traces of radioactivity but this could have been due to a number of things.  Perhaps they were unknowingly exposed to trace amounts of radioactivity out in the woods or in the village. The Ural Mountains in the times of the Soviets were full of military bases so it would not be unusual for them to pick up trace elements of radioactivity.  I see no evidence supporting the theory that they were connected with the KGB.

I find no evidence that the 9 hikers might have been mistaken for escaped prisoners from a nearby Gulag.  Surely searchers from the Gulag would have known whom they were looking for and the 9 hikers were obviously not the ones they were looking for.

There is no evidence that these 9 young people were killed by Mansi hunters either nor is there evidence that they were the victims of an avalanche.  There is not one shred of evidence as far as I can see that they were killed by a UFO!  Infarsound is a strange phenomena but I see no evidence that this was the culprit of their demise either.  And I see absolutely no evidence at all that these 9 hikers were attacked and/or killed by the legendary Yeti!  And the teleportation theory is simply not valid in my estimation as there is clearly no evidence of this at all.

This leaves us with two theories remaining. ¬†First the “Soviet Special Forces Theory” and secondly the “Secret Launches Theory” which I believe are one theory! ¬†As noted in the previous sections of this publication several of the hikers had injuries consistent with what one would expect to find had they been beaten by Soviet soldiers! ¬†This is particularly so regarding the skull fractures and rib fractures. ¬†Clearly those with cuts and bruises on their knuckles had been in a fist fight with someone! ¬†And, SOMEONE beat the hell out of these people and to me that is beyond clear!! ¬†The question is WHO? Continue reading

Dyatlov Pass Pt 7: The Hikers

A brief bio on each of the hikers is in order I think and here they are:

Igor Alekseivich Dyatlov — was born 13 January 1936 in Russia. He was the group leader on this expedition. He was a student Igor Dyatlovat UPI and a talented engineer. In his second year at UPI he designed a radio that he used during his hike in 1956 to the Sayan Mountains. He was also the designer and builder of the portable heater/stove used by the hikers inside the tent during the Dyatlov hike. People who knew him said he was a thoughtful young man and one who never made rash decisions. He courted another member of the group, Zina Kolmogorova. He was also one of the most experienced hikers and athletes in the group. ¬†Nothing in his profile seems out of the ordinary other than he must have been an adventurer and somewhat of the inventor. ¬†Nothing in his relationship with Zina seems out of the ordinary either.

Zinaida (Zina) Alekseevna Kolmogorova — Courted the groups leader Dyatlov. ¬†She was born on 12 January 1937 in Russia. ¬†She was a 4th year student at UPI majoring in Radio Engineering. ¬†Those who knew her said she was always willing to carry her own weight and that she was outgoing and energetic. ¬†They said people were naturally drawn to her and was popular at the university. ¬†She was remembered for always being full of ideas and for being unwilling to cause hardships for others. ¬†There is nothing out of the ordinary in her profile.

Zinaida Kolmogorova aka "Zina"

Zinaida Kolmogorova aka “Zina”








Alexander Sergeievich Kolevatov — was born 16 November 1934 in Russia. ¬†He was a 4th year student at UPI

Alexander Kolevatov

Alexander Kolevatov

majoring in Nuclear Physics. ¬†Prior to coming to UPI he attended ¬†and finished the Sverdlovsk Mining and Metallurgy College in Sverdlovsk, Russia majoring in Metallurgy of Heavy Nonferrous Metals. ¬†He was considered to be a good student. ¬†He moved to Moscow to work in a secret institute of the Ministry of Medium Machine Building at one point prior to the fatal hike. ¬†This institute was known simply by its serial number 3394 and was likely run by the KGB. ¬†He later moved to the Research Institute of Inorganic Materials which was engaged in producing materials for the Soviet nuclear industry. ¬†In 1956 he returned to Sverdlovsk and enrolled in UPI. ¬†Those who knew him described him as being “cautious” ¬†yet studious young man. ¬†He had a habit for liking to smoke antique pipes. ¬†His friends described him as diligent, pedantic, and methodical with strong and clear leadership qualities. ¬†He is one of the two hikers suspected by some as being a KGB agent or at least in their hire! Continue reading

Dyatlov Pass Pt 5: Theories Continued

The Infrasound Theory

One of the theories that have been suggested is that a phenomena known as “infrasound” may have been responsible for the demise of the 9 hikers on Dead Mountain in the Urals in 1959. Infrasound is a rare weather phenomena and it has been suggested that a “perfect storm” could have come upon the hikers on their final night in the tent sending them into a panic and causing them to hastily escape the tent.

This theory asserts that an unusual wind phenomena could have produced a terrifying and powerful sound which may have induced irrational fears in the 9 hikers. The mountain is a dome shape and winds blowing through the Pass could have been warped and twisted into a series of mini tornadoes! These could have created a deafening noise even if they simply passed near the tent. They could have also produced INFRASOUND which is the opposite of ultrasound.

Infrasound is a type of air vibration whose frequency is so low it cannot be heard by the human ear. However, several studies have shown that it can have a negative effect on the human body including sleep loss, shortness of breath, and a feeling of extreme dread. A combination of the effects of infrasound, the deafening noise of the mini tornadoes, and the rather small dark tent could have caused the hikers to panic and flee causing injuries to themselves and finally ending in their deaths. This theory is actually supported by NOAA.

Under the right conditions wind flow can be directed in such a way as to create a vortex. They travel in a fan shape and form small tornadoes and have the potential to emit large amounts of infrasound. These mini tornadoes likely did not hit the tent but they would have been close enough to affect the 9 hikers inside and in some significant and eventually fatal ways! Continue reading

Dyatlov Pass Pt 4: The Theories

Picture of the tent taken when investigators arrived at the site.

Picture of the tent taken when investigators arrived at the site.

Since 1959 many theories have emerged as to what killed these 9 hikers in the Ural Mountains. Some of them are bizarre and stretching while others seem more plausible. Culprits have been suggested as the KGB or Russian Special Forces. Others have asserted the hikers were killed by criminals who came upon their camp. It’s also been suggested that Mansi warriors in the region attacked the camp after having warned the hikers NOT to go to Dead Mountain.

Some have suggested an avalanche caused the hikers to flee their tent resulting in their dying of hypothermia. Some have even suggested that UFOS or Bigfoot killed the hikers. Secret missile launches have also been suggested as the cause of their demise along with infrasound or teleportation phenomena. We will briefly examine each one of these theories now in hopes of arriving at some concrete conclusions about what or who caused the hikers to flee and what resulted in their deaths. Hypothermia as the cause of death was used by the medical examiners but I feel it highly unlikely that was the initial cause of death! These people all had severe injuries and mass trauma NOT caused by hypothermia and that is clear! The examiners I believe used hypothermia as a cover in an effort to cover something up. And that something covered up was who or what actually killed them all and it was NOT hypothermia in my opinion.

Soviet investigators strangely concluded that “some compelling natural force” had killed the hikers but Soviet medical examiners attributed their deaths to hypothermia! Doesn’t seem that the investigators and examiners were on the same page!! Hypothermia is NOT “some compelling natural force.” For 3 years after this incident the area was forbidden to skiers, hikers, and explorers by Soviet authorities!! That in itself is odd enough!! What were they hiding MUST now be the question asked!

The Death by KGB Theory

The KGB was the Soviet Secret Police and there is no doubt whatsoever as to how ruthless they were. ¬†They tortured thousands if not millions of people all around the world during the Soviet era! ¬†They were cold and calculating and witnessing human pain didn’t even seem to bother them in the slightest. ¬†In fact, many of these agents seemed to enjoy inflicting pain.

Author Alexei Rakitin of the book entitled “Dyatlov Pass” came to the belief that 3 of the hikers were actually KGB agents! ¬†He named them as being Alexander Zolotaryov, Alexander Kolevatov, and Yuri Krivonishenko. ¬†He believed they were on a mission to uncover a CIA cell. ¬†Part of their mission, Rakitin believes, was to deliver radioactive samples and then take photos of the American CIA agents so the KGB would know who they were. ¬†But something went very wrong, Rakitin asserts in his book, and the CIA agents killed the 9 hikers on Dead Mountain. ¬†In the Soviet era such a scenario WOULD be plausible as this was the era of the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union in which a reign of fear ruled on both sides along with a huge amount of paranoia. ¬†One “trick” used commonly by the USSR was to put radioactive tainted material in places that had nothing to do with the real location of the radioactive device or weapon!

Some have speculated that the KGB “hired” two or more members of the group to deliver FAKE proof of radioactive clothing to the Dead Mountain area. ¬†The rest of the group was unaware of this according to this theory as they were also unaware of the REAL purpose of their little “expedition.” ¬†Rakitin’s theory is plausible and logical when it comes to explaining some of the mysterious issues in this case. ¬†Such “mysteries” would include the radioactive clothing found on two of the hikers, the use of radiation detectors, the gray foam on Doroshenko’s face, the absence of shoes and upper clothing on some members of the group, and the fact that at least ONE CAMERA known to have been with the group “mysteriously” went MISSING! Continue reading

Dyatlov Pass Pt 3: The Ravine

— Remains found in the Ravine —

Lyudmila Dubinina — age 20, her remains were found in the deep ravine with her foot wrapped in a piece of

Lyudmila Dubinina

Lyudmila Dubinina

Krivonischenko’s underpants. She was also wearing his brown sweater. That sweater tested POSITIVE FOR RADIATION! Her cause of death was determined to be from major chest fractures. Her tongue was missing along with her eyes! Parts of her lips were also missing along with facial tissue. A fragment of her skull bone was also missing. Examiners believe her tongue was removed BEFORE she died and was still alive!!!

Map of the Crime Scene where the bodies were found

Map of the Crime Scene where the bodies were found

Dubinina must have made a final effort to save her life because she took off a sweater and cut it into two pieces wrapping one part around her left foot and dropping or intentionally not using the other half in the snow.  She had several abrasions and bruises around both eyes and nose as did the others.  Her eye sockets were empty when searchers found her and most likely animals had eaten her eyes out as is commonly found.  Her nose was broken and flattened as if someone had delivered a massive blow to her nose!  Her tongue was missing and this is not unusual as animals tend to eat the soft tissues first on any deceased corpse animal OR human.

Her body showed signs of numerous broken ribs.  Four ribs on her right side were broken virtually in a straight line down each rib as if she had been hit by some objects carried by someone!  Five are broken on the left side showing the same pattern.  The right atrium of her heart showed MASSIVE hemorrhage.  Bruises were noted in the middle of her left thigh as well during the autopsy.  Many vague statements were made by examiners who examined this body and it is as if this autopsy was done very quickly and not altogether thoroughly for some odd reason.  Her stomach contained 100 g of coagulated blood, it was noted.  Cause of death in her case was ruled death by hemorrhage, internal bleeding, and multiple fractures.

Semyon Zolotaryov — age 38, his remains were found in the ravine wearing the faux fur coat belonging to

Semyon Zolotaryov (Sasha)

Semyon Zolotaryov (Sasha)

Dubinina along with her hat. He had a camera around his neck and he along with Thibeaux were almost fully clothed and wearing some kind of footwear. One of his eye balls was missing and he had major chest fractures specifically 5 broken ribs. He was the eldest member of the group. ¬†Semyon had broken and cracked ribs also. ¬†In fact, his chest was flattened!! ¬†Five ribs on his right side were smashed and examiners noted two fracture lines also in a curious straight line down each rib! ¬†His eye balls were missing as well most likely eaten out by scavengers after he died. Soft tissue around his left eye brow was also missing like the result of scavengers as well. ¬†He had an open wound on the right side of his skull showing exposed bone. ¬†What or who smashed this man’s chest? ¬†And with what? Continue reading

Dyatlov Pass Incident Pt 2: Under the Cedar Tree and Between

WARNING!!  This article contains pictures of human corpses that may not be appropriate for all ages!!  Parental discretion is advised!!!


Continuing our investigation into the unexplained deaths of 9 hikers in the Ural Mountains in 1959 the remaining four hiker remains were found on 5 May 1959 in a ravine under 75 meters (246 feet) into the wooded area from the cedar tree. They were dressed warmer than the others reportedly and there were indications that those who died before the others had given their clothing to those who were still alive OR they were stripped of their clothing by the survivors. The body of Zolotaryov was found wearing Dubinina’s faux fur coat and hat. Dubikinina’s foot was wrapped in a piece of Krivonishenko’s wool pants. Discovery of these four remaining bodies changed the investigation.

Of these four remaining bodies evidence was found on 3 of them that death was due to fatal injuries. ¬†Thibeaux-Brignolles had MAJOR skull damage and the bodies of Dubinina and Zolotarev showed evidence of MAJOR chest fractures! ¬†The lead medical examiner Dr Boris Vozrozhdenny stated that the force required to cause such damage would have to have been extremely powerful. ¬†He compared it to the force of a car crash! ¬†These 4 bodies had no signs of external wounds and it was as if they had been crippled by some high level or pressure. ¬†Dubinina’s body was found to be missing her tongue!

It became evident to investigators at the time that these 4 people realized the threat they were up against and tried to do everything they could to survive until help was found.  Somehow they even managed to dig out a den in the deep snow and placed tree branches from the cedar tree in it to help keep them warm.  Remains were found only a few feet away from this shelter in a deep ravine about 4 meters (13 feet) away!  Astoundingly, 2 pairs of pants and 1 sweater worn by the hikers were found to be RADIOACTIVE!!  Further, some of the clothing taken from the bodies found under the cedar tree had been placed on the cedar branches inside the shelter but apparently were never worn by the survivors.  These 4 obviously knew they had to do anything they needed to do to keep warm and survive until help was found.  So why did they not put on the clothing found in the shelter?

Dyatlov Pass Hikers_1

The Autopsies

Medical Examiners conducted autopsies on the remains of the 9 hikers and the following evidence was found:

–Remains found between the tent camp and the cedar tree—

Igor Dyatlov –age 23, ¬†he was 175 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall. ¬†His body was very lightly dressed. ¬†He was barefooted and was wearing a knitted vest that Igor Dyatlovbelonged to Yudin, the group member who was forced to return home due to illness. ¬†Yudin had given this clothing to Doroshenko before he left, originally. ¬†The cause of death for Dyatlov was determined to be “Hypothermia.” ¬†His body was found Continue reading