Congress Summons FBI Director to Explain No Clinton Charges!!!


The US Congress has summoned FBI Director James Comey to explain why he is refusing to recommend criminal charges against Democratic frontrunner HILLARY CLINTON! And Congress wants to know why he said yesterday that there are “at least 110 emails” from Clinton with TOP SECRET info in them!! Comey will appear before a Congressional Committee tomorrow.

Extra ExtraHouse Speaker Paul Ryan said Hillary Clinton should be barred from receiving classified info in an extraordinary recommendation against her. Of course this would pose a problem for Clinton should she be elected POTUS. In addition US Attorney General Loretta Lynch is to appear before the House Judiciary today. That hearing will focus on her meeting with Bill Clinton last week on a tarmac in Phoenix.  The head of the House Judiciary, Bob Goodlatte, said that the decision not to prosecute Hillary is “uniquely troubling” in light of Lynch’s secret meeting with Slick Willy on the Phoenix tarmac.  He also added, “No one is above the law.”  Apparently, this guy didn’t get the memo? Save for HILLARY CLINTON no one is above the law.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said on “The Kelly File” that what bothers him most is that the “Clinton’s are living above the law.”  He went on to say that they are “being held by a different set of standards”  and added “that is clearly what this looks like.”

Rep Darrel Issa said “We are in crisis” and added that Hillary Clinton “Is a CRIMINAL involved in a CRIMINAL enterprise.”  He said Hillary has flaunted the security laws, the privacy laws, the Presidential and the Federal Records Act, and gotten away with it.”

Meanwhile Senator Bernie Sanders who is challenging Clinton’s presidential bid said the FBI investigation was serious and found serious problems with the way Hilary handled classified info as Sec of State.  US Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced today that the case against Clinton is closed and she will not face criminal charges! Surprised???  Reporters have been pleading for Hillary to hold a press conference after yesterday’s announcement by the FBI Director but Hillary has not said anything.  I guess we SERFS and not worthy of her ever-so-wise words? Some have complained that she fails to make herself available to the MSM.  Margaret Sullivan from the Washington Post said “Clinton owes it to the electorate not only to speak publicly about all this but also to answer some tough questions.”

Soooo there’s a lot of drum pounding going on but that’s about all it is!  Anyone who thought seriously that a banana republicDemocratic Administration known for corruption was going to indict one of their own was obviously living in Candyland!  It never was going to happen!  It will now be up to the VOTERS as to the fate of Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, the Clinton Mafia family “moves on”…….hmmm…….remember a week or so ago Hillary telling the families of those killed in Libya with Ambassador Chris Stevens that it was time to “move on”?  Well that is Hillary’s thinking…ooops I made a mistake… cost lives……but time to move on anywhooooo.

Good GOD!  This is the best this nation can do????




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