A Nation Divided Will NOT Stand!

trump_3The election of Donald Trump to the American presidency has now clearly revealed just how divided America has become over the past 8 years. In the past people voted and no matter who they voted for they tended to rally around the person elected president in a show of unity but with the election of Donald Trump that is not happening. I didn’t vote for Barack Obama back in 2008 and I didn’t vote for him in 2012 either but both times he won I got behind him in a show of support as did most other Americans. That’s just what Americans have always done but apparently that is not what Americans do any longer.

Over the course of the past 8 years I believe Barack Obama did anything and everything he possibly could to play on the divisions of the American people particularly when it comes to race and socioeconomic status.  I saw Obama over and over again using as his playbook “Rules for Radicals” by the late Saul Alinsky who dedicated the book to Lucifer. Alinsky was a full-blown radical leftist “community organizer” and although Obama never met him it seems Obama believed every word Alinsky wrote.  Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, did know Alinsky when she was a college student and it’s been reported that she tended to “worship at his feet.”  Where there was no crisis I saw Obama create one and where there were no flames I saw Obama and his administration doing whatever they could to fan the embers so flames would arise.  But this did not surprise me because Obama was raised or should I say indoctrinated into Marxist, Leninist, anarchist, and Communist ideologies.  In fact, it seems he was raised on anything leftist!

Barack Obama is now a FORMER president but he’s far from happy staying in the shadows as his giant ego just won’t allow him to remain in the shadows ESPECIALLY the shadow of Donald Trump.  From what I can see Obama is silently in the background continuing to do what he’s done over the past 8 years and that is dividing America along any lines he possibly can.  In my mind this former POTUS is a dangerous man especially now that he is no longer in the presidency.

Let me be fair here.  Donald Trump the great real estate mogul has a lot of enemies both foreign and domestic.  For years now he’s had the reputation of being a rather arrogant bully in the business community.  That kind of approach might play in the corporate world but it doesn’t play in the world of politics so well as American politics are filled with bigger and more aggressive bullies than Trump every thought of being.  I think at this point Trump is discovery this, frankly.

Yesterday, Trump’s National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn was forced to resign amid allegations that during the Trump campaign he met with the Russian Ambassador and it is being alleged that they DID discuss the sanctions Obama slapped on Russia at that time.  He, Flynn, may have well violated the Logan Act as some Democrats are alleging and he may well be subject to prosecution if found guilty.  Flynn had admitted to misleading Vice President Pence as he kept changing his story about the meeting.  But the Trump administration is also being plagued by leaks of classified information and those leaks are being blamed on the CIA and Obama loyalists who remain in the White House, CIA, and FBI.  Well the leaks are coming from somewhere and they are coming from someone who has security clearance and that person or person(s) need to be found and prosecuted for treason.  But, this doesn’t clean Flynn lily-white nor does it clear him of misleading the VPOTUS and like Trump himself.

This administration has not even been in office for a month and already cover-up and corruption allegations are flying and some are flying wildly.  Former news anchor Dan Rather and others in the liberal (Communist) media are claiming the Flynn-Russian Affair could be “bigger than Watergate.”  Say what?  I’m sorry but what we’ve heard so far is a bunch of allegations with no apparent evidence!  How about the media people throwing the allegations such as the NY Times, Washington Post, etc show us some EVIDENCE that Flynn and possibly Trump have been compromised by “Russian spies”?

I don’t trust the MSM in this country one bit!  These people are NOT reporters nor are they journalist.  What most of them are are leftist propaganda agents who seldom report the news but spend most of their air time brainwashing the American masses with “fake news” otherwise known as PROPAGANDA in much the same way that the Soviet’s old PRAVDA news used to do!  The MSM sees itself not as news reporters or journalists but as ‘social engineers” and when it comes to Leftist Communist indoctrination they’ve actually done a rather well job at indoctrinating many but not most Americans in that dark, vile, and inhumane ideology!  They have picked up on every little item in the news concerning divisions and blown them up into something bigger and, thus, they have been a fantastic tool in driving a wedge between Americans so well that even Stalin would be shocked by their success!  Now that their beloved Obama is gone (not exactly however) and Trump is in the WH they have aimed their propaganda weapon at Trump and even though he’s been in office LESS than a month they are already aiming to bring him down no matter what and THAT is becoming increasingly apparent every day!

We, America, are now REALLY in DARK DAYS and, frankly, this just might be the END of the USA!

We may well be seeing America’s LAST GASP as a nation divided cannot and WILL NOT stand.  And right now it appears that we are far more divided than anyone thought.  In fact, the divisions are nothing short of SHOCKING! Hillary Clinton is NOT going to be POTUS at least in the foreseeable next 4 years!  Barack Obama cannot be POTUS for a 3rd term unless we gut the Constitution completely!  But that is what some people are wanting and they don’t care what it takes to make it happen EVEN if it brings our country into a 2ND AMERICAN CIVIL WAR which, frankly, is already brewing from what I can see!!  It’s been brewing for a long time now and it’s about to explode I think.

Amid all this growing turmoil a Russian spy ships sits off the east coast of the US.  Russian jets are buzzing the US Navy.  Iran has defiantly test fired at least 3 missiles now capable of carrying warheads that could remove Israel from the face of the map and, indeed, the crazed Ayatollahs have threatened to do just that.  North Korea, a dangerous and vassal state of Communist China, has fired yet another missile that may be capable of a payload to hit the American west coast.  Meanwhile, the Muslim conquest of Europe continues unabated thanks primarily to Germany’s Chancellor Merkel and radical Islam still has its sights set on nothing short of the wholesale destruction of the “Great Satan” known as America!  We have plenty of enemies and these enemies ARE DANGEROUS despite how some Americans like to delude themselves into thinking “it just ain’t so.”  And many of those dangerous enemies are, in fact, already in our midst!!!

The military in this country could wage a coup but I don’t see that happening as Trump has not yet replaced the ABSOLUTELY SPINELESS lackey generals put in by Obama.  There are a host of other scenarios that might develop but I’m sure the outcome of any of them will NOT be beneficial for MOST Americans of ANY skin color or religion or anything else!  In fact, we may all very soon regret our divisions in ways we cannot even yet imagine.

Trump is POTUS and Hillary is NOT and Obama is OUT.  So what next?  We take to the streets in full-blown revolution?  I hear that is what singer Charlie Daniels is saying will soon happen.  Hope he’s WRONG!  Do we throw Trump out of office, burn the Constitution, and simply install crooked Hillary as POTUS?  Sorry but from what I can see Hillary Clinton is as crooked as a cork screw and she is NOT going to help the average person on Main Street. But I do think she’ll greatly help Wall Street!  But, then again, isn’t that what Trump is already doing to?

I was astounded, to say the lest, when Trump started naming his cabinet.  Primarily Wall Street people with little to no political or diplomatic experience at all period!  For example…his Secretary of State and former CEO of Exxon Mobile.  Just what qualifies this man to be Sec of State?  NOTHING!  This is the man’s corporation that makes an astounding $4 billion profit every quarter and yet doesn’t pay taxes and gets a refund!  How’s that?  It’s called “slick bookkeeping.”

I think Trump’s appointing all of these inexperienced people to his cabinet is/was his first mistake, frankly.  There is a big difference between trying to “drain the swamp” and being unwise and foolish and it appear to me the later applies to Trump’s cabinet choices.

The Trump administration in office for LESS than a month is already unraveling and that should be a matter of concern for ALL Americans.  He seems to have surrounded himself with all of the same people he had around him in his business ventures.  But, these people have no experience in government or diplomacy either!  What is he thinking?  These people may have been fantastic in business but it now appears in government they are nothing short of a nightmare not only from Trump but also for the American people!!  He needs to GET RID OF THEM and put in some people with EXPERIENCE!  That is…IF he wants to save his presidency which, frankly, I’m not so sure he does, honestly!

I have wondered if Trump is even taking his presidency seriously enough OR is he somehow seeing it as just another “reality show”?  Frankly, I’m not sure what’s going on with him and that is a matter of great concern to me too.  If he doesn’t want to be POTUS then he SHOULD resign effective immediately!

As I said in the beginning a nation divided will not stand and it appears in today’s America that IS the case.  And here we thought Trump was the savior…..then again….in 2009 and 2012 we thought Obama was the savior too.






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