8 comments on “The Rojas Case: Murdered by US Border Patrol Agents?

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  2. Thank you so much for addressing this issue. We are all in the human race and need to be treated as such. My husband is Mexican and I can not imagine how this mans wife must be feeling to have this happen and nothing is being done to serve justice

    • Thank you Pulgita and sorry about the delay in approving your comment. The Rojas case is on our radar and we are going to get to the bottom of it. This man was treated worse than a dog by US Border Patrol and those officers MUST be brought to justice under US law! We cannot have people such as this wearing badges and guns. Who will they execute next? We will be running more stories on the Rojas case as our investigation continues.

    • No human being deserves this kind of torture treatment! The USBP were in process of sending Rojas back into Mexico. They were at the border. All they had to do was release him into Mexico and let him go his way. But they did not do that. Instead they repeatedly tasered him until he was dead. People on the catwalk saw what they were doing to Rojas and even demanded they stop tasering him. But the USBP did not do that either. There are plenty of witnesses to this tragedy therefore and the agents involved must be brought to justice. I have some real questions about this whole incident. For one, why was the agent Rojas had sued allowed to take Rojas in a private BP vehicle? Why was Rojas not put on the bus with the others? Why the special transport? I strongly suspect this agent had it in for Rojas and intended to teach him a lesson. The result was Rojas is now dead! That agent ought to be jailed and charged with murder!! If this agent gets away with that then what else will he get away with? And who does he go after next in a fit of revenge?

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