Trump Backtracking!!

Are you telling me this is NOT a Reality Show???

Are you telling me this is NOT      another Reality Show???

It was only 1 week ago when Donald Trumps was elected as POTUS and already he’s backing off on several key campaign promises and that is odd, to say the least. His anti-Muslim rhetoric has been removed from his website “mysteriously.” After a White House meeting with Obama, Trump backed off of axing Obamacare saying he just wants to modify it a bit rather than ax the program. Now today it appears that he’s backing off of his campaign promise to round up illegals and built the Wall! Reportedly his ideas have changed to having a “virtual wall” in some spots along the US-Mexico border and having fences in other spots. But, apparently, in some places there will be an actual physical wall.

In further developments today it was announced Trump is naming RNC Chairman Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff and that has sounded alarms with some of his key supporters including author and radio show host Michael Savage. Priebus is known to have close ties with Speaker Paul Ryan and other key Republicans in the House and Senate. Savage says naming Priebus as his Chief of Staff is a mistake! Savage told Breitbart News, “He (Priebus) IS the DNC! Everything the voters rejected. He will steer Trump away from every policy we sent him to DC to change. His the ENEMY WITHIN.”

After the 2012 loss of Romney and Ryan in the presidential election it was Priebus who gutted the RNC and began arguing against the GOP stance on illegal immigration saying the GOP needs to appeal to illegals and basically steal their votes from the Democrats. Is this why Trump is now backing off the Wall?

Frankly, I could not help but to take notice of Trumps meeting with Obama at the WH earlier this week. Trump looked……..hmmmm…….haggard? No, no, a bit tired perhaps……but there was something else in his face to be seen. I’ve thought about it all week and looked at the pics in the MSM from that meeting and, frankly, Trump looked nervous……VERY NERVOUS….almost scared! I wonder, was Trump detoured into the WH basement before he met Obama in the Oval Office? Did the REAL powers that be have a little talk with Trump there as they did in the state capitol in Minnesota when Jesse Ventura took office as governor? And now suddenly Trump is backing off of the very issues that got him elected. Why?

I had another thought this week about Trump……the SHOWMAN. What IF the whole running for POTUS for Trump was just another show? Just another act in a national soap opera? What if he thought he had no chance in hell getting elected and then astoundingly he was elected.  And now is he thinking, “Oh shit! This is not showbiz anymore.” And I had another thought to in light of the fact that he hasn’t even been President-Elect for a week yet and he’s already backing off of major promises he made. My thought? I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigns before January 20th! And if he does then what happens? Does Pence become POTUS, Speaker Ryan? Does Obama stay in power a few months longer until someone decides who is the POTUS elect?

Presidents have typically backed off of or watered down their campaign promises once in office. But, most have done so after about a year or so already in office. But Trump is NOT even in office yet! In fact, it hasn’t even been 1 week since he was elected and that is astounding in my mind! Why is he backing off his promises so quickly? I’m surprised his supporters aren’t raising hell over all this! In fact, I’m surprised they are staging nationwide protests of their own now as it appears Trump is doing an about-face!

I can hardly wait for this unraveling soap opera’s episode next week! I’m sure “Trump and the USA” will be a hit so grab your popcorn and tune it as it’s anyone’s guess what he will do this coming week.



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